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Nightmares after over doing things. Anyone found a way to resolve them?

After three years I've finally connected overdoing things with having nightmares and wake up heart racing and be too upset to even try to go back to sleep. I realize not overdoing it is the best thing to avoid them to begin with. But as you may have experienced, sometimes we don't realize we're overdoing it until after the fact. Anyway has anyone found ways to not have or minimize nightmares? Thank you in advance.

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Hi, sorry to hear about your nightmares. I'm not sure.....perhaps overdoing things is stimulating your brain so you're not switching off at night. Have you tried any of the natural remedy calming teas of anything? Are you taking any medication to help you sleep? Not sure which is best to be honest, but perhaps trying to limit activities would help? :)


Fortunately I'm not on any medications. I'll have to remember to use the calming natural stuff though and for sure stop over doing it. Thanks for your concern.


It's hard to stop doing stuff isn't it? . I'm much the same, do too much and it all ends in tears. I haven't tried any of the natural remedy things yet, it's impossible when you live in a busy household to get to bed early or get any regular rest so I've given up :) all those great ideas in the care plan have gone out the window. x

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Yes, it is challenging to not over do it. Glad to hear you have a care plan. Where did you get that? I've pretty much been figuring things out and I guess not that efficiently. Anyway my latest thing has been receiving LENS therapy, which has really helped calm me down, make me less reactive and my sensitivities to noise, light and movement has improved. It is still there just not so intense as it was before. If you want more info about it you can Google "LENS therapy" This website page gives a great brief description about it - site.ochslabs.com/about There are LENS practitioners all over world.


Thank you for the link, I've sent you a message :)


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