The importance of exercise

Very important for your state of mind. I started going to the gym in November and went every other day for a few weeks like a mad woman. Then I couldn't go for a week (lack of childcare) and when I went for my 4 week check-up I was told I was overdoing it and muscles needs space in between a gym session. I had improved my muscle strength a lot after a week of no gym- very surprising! That was last Wednesday and I'm hoping to get there tomorrow as it's such a good way to lift your mood and feel better about yourself- even just going somewhere for yourself regularly and being able to switch off from everything else and concentrate on your physical ability. Or in my case, too regularly- typical me overdoing it and getting it wrong!!! 20 years I have concentrated on improving my mind and have shunned physical activities telling myself it was not important, but your fitness level IS important, more than I ever believed and especially in relation to the mind/soul :)

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  • am so glad you are enjoying it but for me am not planning on going to my grave in a well looked after body am going to go in a tired out knackard old body that is wiped out at least I know I have lived lol but on the other side do what makes you feel good xx

  • I need my fitness for now as my 3 year old son is running rings around me! I would prefer to lay around but that is not an option :)

  • I found and find that exercise helps enormously from well being to simply having more energy.

  • I forgot about the benefit of physical exercise. I used to cycle everywhere before I had my son but I think it's too dangerous now. I need upper body strength and energy to keep up with my 3 year old ha!

  • Glad you feel the physical and well being benefits.

    People forget that going to the gym is not just the physical exercise but the skills involved in preparation, setting targets, remembering your exercises, remembering how to operate the equipment etc.

    It such a shame that s even municipal centres are out of reach for many due to costs, travel or motivation.

    All the best for the forthcoming year

  • Yes- those skills needed to actually get there and complete an hours worth of strengthening exercises make it feel like a massive achievement! On top of the physical benefits are making me feel better than I have done for 20 years!

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