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Why do I feel quite poorly after nearly 4 months


Tripped getting on bus,crashed top of scull on metal around drivers seat, all went black for moments,went to docs 2 weeks later who considered I had whiplash, but after nearly 3 months returned to docs who said it is post concussion trauma because I feel quite poorly, awaiting brain scan

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Because any type of brain trauma takes a long time to resolve, some are never recovered from totally.

Be assured though that post concussion trauma is more likely to be recovered from.

You need plenty of rest, be kind to yourself. The brain does most of its healing whilst you are asleep.

Take care Janet x

auton143 in reply to Kirk5w7

Thank you so much for that encouraging reply, makes me feel a little less alone


Hello Barb. Sorry to hear about your freak accident ; it's scary to think how easily we can sustain serious damage whilst going about our everyday activities.

I hope the forthcoming scan will show no more serious damage than bruising caused by your brain hitting the bone of your skull.

As Janet mentioned, our brains are slow to heal after any type of knock owing to their delicate structure, so rest as much as possible ................. it's what your sore brain needs most !

Come back and tell us how you're feeling after your scan results won't you....

Best wishes, Cat x

auton143 in reply to cat3

Thank you so much, I will let you know how things go


Morning auto,

Yes couldn't agree more with cat in the blink of an eye we can change outlives for ever as the fragility of our brains is all to easy to see with this forum. You will feel poorly as its a slow process after a brain injury to recover, hang in there and come back with the results of your scan results. Have a peaceful Sunday. Nick x

auton143 in reply to MXman

Thank you so much I will come back with results

x Barb

Yes I agree, rest up and allow yourself to heal. Best wishes for your scan. xx

auton143 in reply to peaches2

Thank you so much



I hope your scan goes ok and hopefully over time you should feel better.

Have a lovely Sunday

Sue x

auton143 in reply to suemoff

Thank you so much


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