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Too tired to do it after work at 4pm so meh I will just do it at 4am before work

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Does anyone find themselves doing chores at a later time than originally anticipated?

I got home from work stressing out over the chores I didn't do the weekend as my mood was all over the place even though I told myself to stop stressing as it was making me worse but I couldn't stop to the point it exhasted the only bit of energy as a majority of it been used in work (like for the past month) so I've been falling asleep and then waking up in the early hours of the morning and doing the stuff I had planned (like chores) in the afternoon

I can't wait for next week as I have it off as it's my birthday week (eeek) then back to work for a week then Christmas week off (as I can't be dealing with working at a different office) then back to work at the start of jan

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similar love if i hoover and put a wash on thats me finished for the day

so just do the main things love prepare i just do whats inportant eachday

so food me and my bruno take him for walk back no energy and its weird

my brain just puts things that can wait wait mostly i forget love working allday and week be proud of yourself so you finish work and home cook tea and stop say ill do 3 things a certain day out off the way and stick to it you need your rest love only do what you can after work your going to be fatigue d i hope this helps love always remember you come first hug eddie

Can you ask for help? Can you pay someone to do the chores for you? Starting with Just one hours regular help from someone else will make things easier.

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my cousin did that and paid for a cleaner and gardener as him and his girlfriend didnt want to do chores after work or on a weekend but its part and parcel of managing a flat/house, its only a tiny flat so it doesnt take me long and its only me so its not like I got to keep it to a standard (and the landlord doesnt really care I went for a year with the flat looking like a tip when I was at my lowest point and the only side effect was my uncle stopped come round as the flat reminded him of being in his sisters flat but when I felt better i was horrified at the state I was living in and it took me a few months but I now have it back to t he decent-ish standard it was before) I do feel better once I have done some chores and made the flat look tidy (I think its my nans gene kicking in and being "house proud" unlike my mum) but thanks for the suggestion

normally when I come home (if its been busy) I dont bother with eating, showering or anything I just fall asleep (like yesterday again its 3:30am as i type this) I struggle to go food shopping (mainly because I cant be bothered) I know I can order it online and get it delivered but I feel thats lazy and going out (when I can be bothered or remembering on my way home from work) to get food forces me out the flat and gets fresh air which it why I dont get it delivered but most morning I wake up starving so I always make sure I have least bread or cereal ) so I can eat something before going out or i will have breakfast in work (I can showers in work (especially if my boiler breaks) but using unisex showers with my colleagues is off putting, evening i can just about put up with unisex toilets)

yes love your doing great be proud and your right love you do what your body tells you hug eddie

thanks :-)

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Hi Bex

This sounds like me on a bad day. Please re-read your post. A tidy house really helps your mind. Yes it is part and parcel of managing a flat

but you also cope with the effects of a brain injury - motivation, fatigue, organisation.

You say you don’t eat (sorry if I’ve mis-read) so get some help!

It is not because you are ‘lazy’ or ‘can’t be bothered,’

if you didn’t have any legs you wouldn’t expect yourself to walk.

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easier said than done to get help

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The process of getting help requires persistence but give it a go.

Be kind to yourself! I’m in the same boat and find myself doing things in the middle of the night if I’ve run out of energy. Sometimes we hit a wall and just can’t do anything

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being kind to myself is hard :-(

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Hey you can learn to be kind to yourself.

At least chores are getting done. I think you should be proud of that as, if I read your posts right, that seem to mean you have improved. So yay you!

Thanks yes when the mood strikes me but I don't consistently do it every weekend like I use to

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Hey none of us with tbi’s do thing ‘consistently’ :) we do what we can manage by pacing ourselves and asking for help.

If you can arrange for someone to consistently call in once a week for an hour you will be on the way to winning the flat management situation.

Good luck.


Have you started looking for someone to help you once a week for an hour. It sounds like you would benefit hugelyfrom having a support worker or a volunteer helper.

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Hi No i havent yet

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