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i had my accident back in 2007 i left hospital after 9 months and went back to live with my parents


I then went to Portland College and was on a independence cause then i went back to my parents house while they where sorting out some where for me to live. i now live in my own bungalow with supported liveing but was wondering if i needed any moor rehab as i have no friends or anything

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can i ask how you came to have a brain injury and what did you damage ! i noticed your post about not being able to walk or speak

forget that last question , i looked at your profile , stupid me ! .. lol anyway im Paul nice to meet you , i was just wondering because i had the same problem with walking and speech , my right hand side was paralyzed and still is slightly , and my right vocal cord didnt work , i was 22 at the time and now im 42 .. its been a long road and not an easy one as you can appreciate , but mine was due to cerebellum brain stem damage which controls these parts of your brain .. you got to keep fighting and fight abit more , even when ya dont thing things are going your way ! if i was you id see my GP and ask tell him what your not happy about and ask him to refer you to a specialist even if you think its a waste of time or its not going to help , everything help no matter how small ... the friends bit you refer to is what i think everyone who experience trauma .. nobody knows what you go through accept you and people either don't understand or the situation scares them , ive been alone just like you and the best friends you can have are your parents but on the other hand you have togo into the world because the world wont come to you if ya keep yourself in the house , there are genuine nice people who will accept things how you are , but everything seems like a dark tunnel .. i understand as many will do here , but buddy keep that fight and keep the faith !

my best wishes Paul

nick_01 in reply to formula

Thank u so much Paul i also have a right side weakness i think because i not seen or heard any 1 that was like me and as young as me when I had my difficulties i feel a bit lost so thanks

headway are helping me get out more, also with the help of headway i saw a social worker last week and they have said about a buddy scheme thing, i forgot what it was but was where someone comes out and you can do social things together maybe someone here knows what its called

also headway (birmingham) have a community steps program where we go bowling or for lunch

also we have started a photography club once a month.

Headway have a befriending scheme and are generally brilliant with this sort of thing!

i hope headway can help me hate being alone

headwayukAdministrator in reply to nick_01

Hi Nick,

Have you contacted our helpline or one of our local groups? We'd very much like to help you. You can contact us on 0808 800 2244 or helpline@headway.org.uk to discuss things with us.

Best wishes,


i dont see how headway can help me as i live on my own

cat3 in reply to nick_01

You wont see how they can help if you dont contact them. What do you have to lose?

Look at all the others who've had positive experiences with Headway. Phone them.....

do it today !

Best wishes, cat

PS Are you having any treatment for depression?

cat3 in reply to cat3

PPS...What does living on you own have to do with it? Isn't that more reason to make the call?


nick_01 in reply to cat3

No I'm not being treated for depression

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