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Why do I feel like this


Feels like I am falling or even when I am sitting feels like I am falling or floating don't understand why maybe the accident may years ago affected my brain long term but still find it hard to engage in conversation with people I don't know or to even talk to people over the phone is hard too

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have you mentioned it to your doctor? I get that especially when I was drive it felt like the car was rolling slightly forwards when it wasn't and it scares me but I haven't had that happen in a while which is good.

Take baby steps to talk to people and your confidence will gradually build, I was petrified of talking to people but it soon got better as my confidence grew

Falling and floating :

I had similar issues, I actually fell forward out of an armchair at one point. Mine was down to balance and vision issues. Let your GP know and get him to make a referral to an ENT clinic and request a balance assessment.

Issues talking to people especially strangers:

Many of us post injury have problems talking to people especially if there is a very specific point to get across. Quite of we also get short tempered and angry with cold callers and telesales people?

The balance problems are something I've suffered with for many years and it can be both scary and isolating. It can be a slow process but there are different types of treatment available and it's important to find the root cause in order to decide on the appropriate treatment.

For years I was told my problem was psychological (though I never accepted it) and eventually I had extensive tests which revealed I had severe erosion of the cervix (top of the spine) which traps nerves and inhibits blood flow to the brain. I have periodic physio to relieve inflammation, and medication to ease the symptoms but unfortunately I now have additional balance problems, anyway, since my haemorrhage. :-(

You need to talk to your GP (however difficult) if you're to be rid of these symptoms. It could change your life. I spent months at a time too scared to leave the house...........odd really 'cause now, since the bleed, I choose to mostly stay home anyway, but for other reasons.

See your GP a.s.a.p.

Managed to fall out of bed last night, woke just at the tipping point!

The vertigo for some reason has been worse last few days suspect it's tiredness. But is mostly minor. I'd agree that getting advise on it would be wise inspite of the time pasted.

After seeing the doctor yesterday he said he's willing to try me on some nerve pain meds to see how that goes

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