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Feeling honoured but what does everyone suggest I do?


Hi everyone,

I have received an e-mail last night from one of the run director's from bolton parkrun asking me if I'd like to write a run report for their parkrun page, for all to see, I feel so honoured to be asked but don't think I would be able to do it the way everyone else write's the reports for the page, any advice or tips on how to tailor it to suit the parkrun page,

I feel as honoured as if I got a telegram off the queen, this is a massive thing for me, well for us all because if it wasn't for you guys/gals I wouldn't be where I am today,

I hope everyone has a wonderful week,

Take care,

Siobhan xx

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It doesn't matter how everyone else does it, this is about you and your feelings about the run. You have written beautifully on here about your experience, that is what people would like to read.  If I  have to write something important, I write it out first and leave it, then go back to it hours (or days later) and re-read it.  Then it is easy to see how it could be improved.  Just go for it, be proud to be asked.

Good luck

Absolutely wonderful! Great stuff, you should feel very proud! Focus on that achievement, not on anything else...

They don't want any one else's report they want yours! So they want to hear about your story, and there is a lot to be upbeat about, from memory don't compare to others that way lies madness!

Do it Siobhan.  Just write out roughly what you want to say & then edit it afterwards.

You deserve a voice and your accounts here are always well received, so go for it girl ....................

;-)   xxx

cat3 in reply to cat3

Had a thought Sobhan ; just hope it's not patronising.   If you're at all unsure about what you've written, you could post it on here and anyone with suggestions could message them to you ??  

You write well so it'd just be a moral-booster !  xx

amateurwriter in reply to cat3

Thank you,

No that's not patronising at all, it's a great idea which to be honest I hadn't thought about putting it up to see what people think, what I should change and what doesn't need to be changed

Take care,

Siobhan xx

cat3 in reply to amateurwriter

OK Siobhan ; when you're ready !     :-/    xx

Thank you, I will write it how I do all my other posts and see what they say after I put it up on here for other people to tell me how they think it is,

just hope it's ok for the parkrun page, if it is then this can become a permanent voluntary position of me writing a parkrun report once a month :)

Take care,

Siobhan xx

Hi Siobhan

They have asked you for a report so I can only assume they want your point of view.

A short passage on how you came to do it..

The weather on the day and the support of the spectators.

The funds you've raised and how you feel after such an achievement.

Love n hugs


You go girl! Do it! Nobody will care how others write, they want your report! Well done! x

That's brilliant, as others have said it's your account they want so go for it and as CAT suggested if you feel you want it checked first pop it on here.

Well done you.


Thank you for sharing your amazing news! Fab to hear that those of us who arn't quite sure of how to go about stuff are sort out to share our experiences. I think you have come across as being an amazing, interesting valued individual - enjoy! xxxxx

I believe you CAN write the report, as we are all reading your posts, and really enjoy them. 

Go for it!!

Good luck!

Debs xx

Go for it.......and remember that they asked you to contribute because they're interested in your perspective and what you have to say. Forget about how other people approach it and use your individual writing style as a positive. Well done once again. 

Hi -just go for it! nothing ventures ,nothing gained! Write as if you are talking to a friend and add a bit of humour.  You will nail it!!!x



Don't worry about it just write as you feel it is your report after all

Thank you :) will let you know how it goes and if the run director's like it or not :)

Take care,

Siobhan x

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