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Hi all!

So the recovery is still on going, feeling stronger and positive day by day but have hit a new hurdle now. I have had my MRI and EEG, just waiting for results and to go back to the neurologist but we are due to travel abroad on the 1 st August, fairly sure I wont get an appointment before then.

The trouble is our annual travel insurance policy expires next week and upon trying to renew it I find i can not get covered as I have an un-diagnosed condition. I accept that and have asked if the coverage can be for anything other than something relating to the brain injury to which i am told no. Nobody will ensure you whilst you are awaiting diagnosis. I don't understand why I can not get coverage for the other issues which travel insurance covers you for like lost luggage, theft accidents abroad etc.

Has anyone else ever had this issue?

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Hi Whoopsy,

Martin Lewis (who goes on tv as the Money Saving Expert) had details of this in his newsletter recently.

He suggests trying specialist brokers: Medical Travel Compared; Just Travel Cover; All Clear Travel. Also Staysure might help.

I was able to get cover (at a large price unfortunately) for a husband with a brain injury AND cancer who is undergoing treatment at the moment.

Which magazine also had an article about this and they recommended the same companies.

Don't forget, in Europe you can still use your EHIC card for medical cover.

Hope this helps, enjoy your holiday.



exhausted wife ive always had private insurance to be on the safe side..........especially now



No, not been left with out diagnosis ....but after my cvst I have travelled with boots travel insurance when no one else was interested. ....and treason rate ish.

Worth a call ? :-)


I think some insurers will cover you but without cover pre-existing conditions (symptoms under investigation would be consider pre-existing). They ask you to go through thier own medical questionnaire based on symptoms not diagnoses...I think Virgin is one company....should cover for everything else,,....I've not tried it yet..


you will have to do your holiday insurance seperarately from now on declaring every diagnosis.

i have a new one to declare this year ....................epilepsy

good luck.



I am travelling to Dublin in October and will need to sort travel insurance so this is useful information. Good luck Whoopsy in sorting your's.

Steve55 I am waiting for diagnosis of epilepsy myself. Taking a long time...


ro 76 travelling to dublin next week, mortgaged the house!!!


I called the Headway helpline for recommendation of travel insurance firms who will cover people with a BI. They were able to point me in the right direction. Getting it was obviously more expensive but over a year on I'm now able to get travel insurance more easily - I just disclose all the effects with them. So I'd definitely recommend calling Headway to begin with.

Please don't even bother trying a mainstream company like Insure and Go. I had travel insurance with them when I had my accident in Mexico (which caused my BI). They are incredibly difficult and six months later were trying to get me to pay the repatriation fee. They didn't win that battle!


Thanks everyone. I am still battling with this as without a diagnosis it is proving very difficult. At the moment my current insurers has suggested they will cover me as to date my only diagnosis has been concussion and amnesia. They are suggesting that they will not cover me for any issues arising from this, but truthfully I don't know what else to do, it is very difficult not knowing how best to cover myself as I don't know what, if anything is wrong. I am trying to press for a consultant appointment before I go but that looks very unlikely to happen!


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