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Holiday insurance/cancellation uk holidays


Looking to book a holiday for myself and husband who had a major stroke in 2011. Left him unable to read write, memory problems,partially sighted, and speech and language problems. He is no longer able to drive or work.I need to have insurance but all the quotes I get seem to be more expensive for the week here compared with a year travelling abroad. Can any one recommend a company. Have looked on compare sites but they seem so expensive.


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I have just paid £200 for isurance for a 2 week cruise for myself( i have the BI) and my husband and i have very few physical problems after the BI.

Ive not tried holiday insurance for the UK as we dont bother with it, we would just lose the holiday cost.

Unfortunately if you need cover then it has to be paid, i found most companies very much the same but always go with Able2travel



Hi mrslovely,

You can find some information about travel insurance on our website at

This includes a link to a Headway affiliated policy, as well as a download link to our Holidays and Travel factsheet which contains a list of other possible providers.

It's worth trying them, as sometimes the quotes can vary quite a lot between providers - although unfortunately it does tend to be a lot more when there are pre-existing medical conditions.

I hope this is some help.

Best wishes,


mrslovely in reply to headwayuk

Thank you I will look into it

check with your bank, you may already be insured for uk and european holidays.

i had my stroke in 2012 and our first insurance that year ( we went to dubai to visit our daughter for my birthday and our anniversary ) was really expensive, but has gone down in cost each year.

do you go to your local monthly headway group?

steve x

mrslovely in reply to steve55

Thanks. Unfortunately my husband won't go to any groups


then go on your own anne, youll find it very enlightening, youll be made very welcome, but 1youll get to meet others like us and discus with them any problems your having, remember theyre the best people to give help and advive, because theyre going through the same thing and 2 youll also get to meet the darlings, like yourself and my wife, who put up with us when we throw our teddies out of the pram..............

mrslovely in reply to steve55

How do I find out about local groups?

steve55 in reply to mrslovely

phone the headway help line see if they can help you anne.

good luck, let me know how you get on please.

steve x

I've used boots travel insurance and more than for my worldwide trips since my stroke. Not badly priced.... Last paid around £120for an annual policy.

Good luck

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