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Good evening, I hope you are all ok. I am after some advice on what travel insurance to use. I am going to Dublin in October, and dare not travel with no insurance. I had my TBI in July 2015 and had another seizure June 2016. I know Headway have ones they suggest but I don't know what to do. To be honest the whole going through it is worrying me, as it's all too much to go on the phone and talk through everything. Any ideas? Thanks...

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  • I use Able2travel, I know it's a faff but they are very patient and knowledgeable and they keep all your details on file so if you use them again you don't have to start from scratch. I found them to cost the same as the travel insurance I held with my bank account once they'd been through all my medical issues.

    Janet x

  • Morning.....short answer as busy this me good price for my travel insurance....and still have annual insurance in place for my next trip India !! Message me if you want more advice ☺

  • I have been trying to get travel insurance, tried the 'medical travel ones'. The problem we have come across is that they ask if you are waiting for any medical appointments. We are waiting for a neurologist appointment (41 week wait) and the companies won't quote until you have had the appointment and they know the result! Catch 22.

  • I've found in the case of waiting for a consultant appointment the company won't cover the medical condition that you are waiting for the appointment for. Or you update them as soon as the consultation has ocurred.

    J x

  • Hi I have used Avanti and for trips over the past couple of years. It's worth shopping around because the differences in quotes can be amazing! It might be easier to start by looking for pre existing medical conditions online and you should get comparison quotes and take it from there. Must admit usually have to have a quick call to confirm details before the whole process is over! Good luck and you will love Dublin!


  • I use medical travel compared, it's good

  • We've just booked with All Clear To Travel. it was £43 (forget exactly how much) for both of us. The dearest we found was the Post Office which was over £90. I looked first of all on Headway site and there are a few companies on there. Hope this helps. x

  • Thanks for everyone's help with this. Kirk5w7 I have an EEG appointnent on the 10th, so I will do as you suggest and wait until that is done before I call to get the travel insurance.

  • Rachyboo thanks for the link to that compare for medical insurance. I have gone with Medisafe through it and it didn't cost a huge amount. It covers my head injury and seizures. Thanks xxx

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