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Hi, I would like to give you the name and telephone number of the Insurance company I have since my TBI./ stroke

They are in my opinion the best and cheapest I have ever found.and they are so kind and caring

Name is BP insurances telephone number 01253 393106

bpib.co.uk. Email enquiry@bpib.co.uk

I always speak to Jonathan R Birch

They are in Blackpool and the best thing is they send out the policy documents to your address which saves you downloading them.

I do hope this helps

Lots of Love Liz xx

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I am curious... what kind of insurance are you talking about? I followed the link and it says they have changed their travel insurance products (which appears to be a subsidiary offering) and people should contact them for directions to a new website.. wonder why they don't do a simple redirect?


Thanks for that Liz I have just phoned for a quote for our holiday as I have been having trouble getting cover.


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Not sure about that give them a telephone call they are so kind. Love Liz xx

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Thanks Liz I am looking for travel insurance, so this is a big help. I will call and see what they say. Xx

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Thanks for sharing :)


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