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Do not exceed the dose

Having just returned from a fortnight in St Lucia with my wife during our wedding anniversary, I've had a mini epiphany.

At the hotel, the guests I engaged with commented on how refreshingly positive, crazy, funny I was and this was echoed by the staff at the hotel. I was asked a few separate times if I did comedy on the stage! Each time my wife rolls her eyes!

On the way through the airport I started joking around with one of the checkin staff at St Lucia airport - she asked my wife if I am always like this and my wife gave a weary nod lol. The member of staff said how refreshing it is to see and that i had brightened up her day.

Whilst embarking on the plane we were at the back of a long queue when the same member of staff beckoned to us and let us through another gate after catching my attention.

Which made me think, that while my long suffering wife has the curse (good fortune) of listening to my banter all the time - it often does have its benefits.

Essentially I realised that I'm great in small doses, but should not exceed the dose!!!

However when it came to emb

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Ha ha loved reading this Mads as it reminds me of me.

So true and I completely identify with you. I am most of the time no all the time on that rollercoaster ride of life joking about and finding the humour in everything but as my wife says sometimes I can be juvenile and act like a kid. Trouble is I can take it to far and exceed the recommended dose (if there is one) and then it p***** my wife and the kids off. Banter for me is how I am and how ill always be so keep it up and have a fantastic Saturday. Nick XX


Thanks Nick, it's good to know that I'm not alone in my acquired comedy super hero powers 😆


What a great super power to have!

Better than making others fed up. I was always so blunt I upset countless people and had no idea why.

My work colleagues recently said that at first they didn't know how to take me but now I'm a breath of fresh air and say out loud what they only think due to being too polite.

I have endless patience apparently, which is no bad thing 😇


actually id find you totally annoying, so much so, id pick something heavy up and throw at you


It's lucky my ninja reflexes have remained intact so I would avoid it!