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Yet another TBI classic! Mmm, Miracleman? definitely not!

Was going to run the Stafford Half Marathon on Sunday, 6.75 years post TBI, Training was going well, had a bath the night before, planned a long soak. After 20 mins got out, can remember calling something out, falling, the next thing I can remember is my next door neighbor Dave leaning over my damp, naked body! My wife had gone to ask for assistance, when alerted by my shout & the bang, had come to investigate, and thought she would need help. I had moved from my original prostrate position, and was trying to crawl out of the bathroom! (Unsuccessfully) My wife and Dave got me into the bedroom and called an ambulance. To cut a long story short, I had fainted! en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vasov... It may have been the hot bath, but the family have subsequently come down with dodgy bellies, vomiting and diarrhea! Am sure the bath was the catalyst, but it can't have helped that I was immersed in a hot bath for 20 minutes, before getting out!

I ended up in A&E, the same one I was taken after my accident 6yrs 9 months ago, this time I wasn't escorted by Helicopter, shame I could have enjoyed the flight this time, I was fully conscious, having to be checked out as my ECG looked slightly abnormal to the paramedic. Turned out it's me, my blood pressure and pulse are naturally low, but the ambulance crew have to opt on the safe side. I was soon vomiting, and to say my other end was 'loose', is like saying my TBI was a slight bang on the head! Leaking at both ends! Spent 3 hours there, and didn't get home till 2.30 AM. I am glad to know that this episode was not related to do with my TBI, and god forbid me, that the rest of the family have come down with a bug.


Only a mad man could have contemplated running in the morning. But we are talking about ME! ;) My wife tried to reason with me, but much to my disgrace she has past experience of the pointlessness of trying reason with me when I have my concrete boots on! So in the morning I lined up with other couple of thousand and my son. I had told my wife that if I was struggling I would pull out. At least I did that. Starting at a reasonable pace for the first mile, I was soon falling back, by 4 miles I was stumbling at under 9 minute mile pace. By 5 miles I had decided to pull out, and walked 2 miles to the FIre Station where I used to work, knowing ex-colleagues were clapping runners through. Someone drove me to the finish, where I, mildly hypodermic, joined up with my wife and son. My mum came to collect us as my wife had walked down. Lesson learnt? I hope so! I put my wife through trauma & angst again, unnecessarily. Involved my family, friends & colleagues, again!

I had just finished re-reading Touching Distance, James Cracknell & Beverly Turners inspirational book. Maybe I took it too much to heart; but am well aware of what a stubborn individual I have become! It ought to come with a health warning, "Attempting to get anywhere near James incredible standards, can seriously damage your heath!" ;) Concrete Boots? It has helped me to make whatever recovery I have, I need to listen to other's, listen to my body, and not chase the unattainable! I have a wonderful family and very supportive friends. I should be thankful for that.

End of sermon, I hope me telling the latest version of my has not taken up your time! I must go now and spend the rest of the family in their sick beds!

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Glad you are okay and it as nothing more serious... I could have done without the super graphic description of the gastric issues... but that'll teach me to sit at the computer with my cherry pie and ice cream ;)

Hope you are all feeling better


All feeling better, looks like a virulent bug, mum and lots of friends & colleagues have succumbed! :)


Stubbornness and determination gone bananas but well done for what you did acheive.


Race sponsored by 'fair trade' bananas, had one when I got back to the start, and it stayed down, so I can't have been that bad! ;)


TY for your kind words! Unfortunately my 'achievement' was to cause anxiety for my, family & friends, particularly my wife and mum! AGAIN :( I am just lucky I am now well on my road to recovery, I might have suffered a seizure induced by exhaustion, seizures are something I have been lucky enough to avoid till now! James exhaustion induced seizures is one of his achievements I have no wish to emulate! I would issue a general warning, but I am sure no one who has my 'example' needs it!

Think my best mate summed it up when he heard, "MUPPET!"


Stubborn people unite. I wholely agree that stubbornness is the way to get improvement.

My OT was a godsend in getting me to realise that the expression "A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step" and learning to break things down into manageable pieces and REST between things.

"Chase the unobtainable" why not. ? One step at a time.!!!!!!!!!!

Hoping you and the family are well on the way to recovery.

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Improving rph thank you! Asking around, its a 24 hr virus thing! That combined with a hot bath probably led to me fainting. Not going to dissuade me from attempting another mad challenge, but if I am not 100% I won't start!

& thank you for the great quotes! :)


Definitely agree with randomphantoms re 'continuing to chase the unobtainable' ! My son was a very fit Personal Trainer at the time of his severe brain injury in 2013. This last year he has relearned walking, talking, eating, speaking, and still has scant memory - but continues, like you it seems, to push himself hard and achieve the 'unobtainable'. Now at the gym four times a week and just getting his ten-pin bowling legs back by scoring a 145 last Monday. He has a LONG way to go but continues to improve and (just about!) stay motivated. As someone who lives with him it is quite scary and stressful at times - but I want him to be the stubborn, driven individual he is because ultimately this is driving him forward and making him happy. Your achievements are wonderful - keep on inspiring (but look after yourself eh?).


Thanks for positive words! After a sensible time 'off' recovering! Will get back running ect. Something big coming up in June, (more details another time.) and next years Half to train for! Bigger event than ever, 3 up to 5 thousand entrants! :)


Your story reminds me of my stupid stubbornness to complete a marathon despite hips hardly remaining within their sockets! This was in the few months before my meningitis event and what I believe triggered the virus entering the brain. The pushing past the barrier bit in the last hour of 2.5hrs was when I felt my spirit running my body rather than my body serving my spirit. Not doing that again! Taken me 5 years to pick myself up again. I also appreciate your sharing regarding goal setting post injury which confirms an instinct I have for placing myself under further duress. I do not believe the body can bounce back as quick nor do I believe I have the same ability to adapt quickly to temperature when over heating, or when icy cold. Link to your bath incident. I often note that in hot baths I become light headed and due to living on my own, make them shallower now to avoid drowning if I did pass out. Just little changes but still the same old me. Go out jogging and building up fitness. Like another post mentioned earlier, if you don't push yourself, you can never discover your limit and become aware that your limits lessen with time if you treat the body right with care, gently progressing, not going hard at it. Any well person will tell you the same, with age, the body doesn't bounce back as quick. Down to brain injury or age? Not sure! Keep on being stubborn. Your family love you for it!


Lot of people, colleagues & clients have gone down with Noro-Virus! Mystery solved! Not surprised I fainted after a warm bath! Fine now, and venturing out with trainers on again! :)


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