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Da and pips not linked mmmm?


Was told I qualified for a council tax rebate due to mental health.

So I applied......ok ok my wife applied ( have all on getting my name the right way on forms)

Have finally been awarded it and had it back dated to last year.

Only last year ? Well that's because thats when I started on pips.

Was told I would have to take it up with dwp.

So my wife rang and finally got through to be told " oh dla has nothing to do with pips so we will have to apply for proof that I awas on the scheme.

They even questioned I was until my wife pointed out we have had 3 motability cars and I had dla previous to that.

They are now going to get in touch and send us proof.

Their reason for not sending our council proof of dla is "they only asked about pips"

Arrrrrrgghhghh !!!!!

So we are expecting another six month wait for them to sort it out.


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The other side of Data Protection Act, seems to me your Local Authority haven't thought through the issues regarding DLA's demise and PIP's birth.

paxo05 in reply to sealiphone

We seem to be back to non communication between departments again.

My local authority needed comformation that I had previously been eligible for pips and dla. The problem being they only sent this to the pips department of the dwp.

I think they presumed they would either confirm both or pass it on.

Pips only deal with pips enquiries apparently. Luckily for us someone at pips has common sense and is now contacting dla.

sealiphone in reply to paxo05

From my experience your nice PIP person may be told we can't do that as we need specific release from Data protection in respect to DLA, hope I'm wrong. They may ask for your written approval if this has to go to your L.A.

I certainly wouldn't send confidential client material to a third party unless I have written instructions to do so

paxo05 in reply to sealiphone

Yes it seem that way. They are getting dla to send confiration to me to then pass on to la.

It seems the quickest way.

steve55 in reply to sealiphone

data protection has now changed, it is now known as gdpr so before you write any more crap about data protection, i suggest you get your facts right reguarding gdpr.

steve55 in reply to paxo05

it was esa that dealt with mental health, pip is concerned with how it effects your daily life.

im not entitled to esa and i get standard pip.

sealiphone in reply to steve55

PIP can attract a Council Tax discount and perhaps Paxo05's route into PIP was mental health related.

To make this more of a lottery there's also a Council Tax reduction and the criteria for this is mainly down to individual Councils.

HAWK77 in reply to sealiphone

my nephew is just on esa normal job seekers and council pay his housing benefits s so i presume if one loses pip one is still entitled too houseing benifit

sealiphone in reply to HAWK77

In most instances the loss of PIP would not reduce housing benefit, although if this was a test I could probably come up with situations where it may but then it's becoming complicated.

paxo05 in reply to sealiphone

I get esa and pips. Both cover physical and mental conditions. The proof I needed was that I had previously recieved dla.

As for the data protection issue I was more suprised that when la asked if I had received pips and dla the reply was only that I was on pips. Pips stating they cannot comment on dla but didn't pass it on to that department. They even stated I had started on pips and not transfered from dla.

Hope thisakesy point clearer


How did u qualify? Never heard about council tax reduction!

I’ve suffered mental health issues since my TBI back in ‘05


Only heard through local headway group. If you are classed as having a mental impairment and on dla or pips I think you qualify.

Ask your local authority for the Form then I think you send it back with gp's address for them to send it to.

Ask at your local headway or cab as not to sure how you claim.

Think it can be back dated a few years ,same again not sure.

The discount is 25% ( single occupancy rate) if only living with a partner.

I hope this is a little helpful but I am afraid I am unsure of full details.


sealiphone in reply to paxo05

The criteria is having to be classed as "Severely mentally impaired", you are then a disregarded person for Council Tax purposes, so only your wife is classed as living in the property.

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