Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting

How's it going folks?

On Friday while I was at my local Headway meeting I was taken aside and spoken to by a member of staff who asked me if I could draw a 'Headway' design for the banner for their Annual General Meeting (AGM).

I was asked to draw the word 'Headway' in a graffiti-like style and this is what I have conjured up.

I have got a few more styles I would like to draw but it might take a little time but they can use this one for now :).

I hope they like it.

Take care,


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  • Nice one Matt ; very eye-catching & funky & colourful. I'm sure it'll be much appreciated. ;-) xx

  • Thanks Cat :).

  • Like it Matt.

  • Thanks MX :).

  • Great news ! Gives youa chance to show off your talent.


  • That's right Sem :).

    A few people are aware of my art at my Headway already but maybe some more of the public might see my work... If any of the public go to the AGM that is.

    Or my art might be known more by word of mouth.

    The other great thing is the current manager of our Headway is going to help set me up I think.

    She has already suggested that I ask people, family of friends if I could draw pictures for them.

    Of course I would be selling my work :).

    Take care,


  • Great news Matt. I am pleased your art is now being recognised! Enjoy your talent xx

  • If that is your first go at grafitti 😶😉then I think you have an eye for it. Move over Banksy.....MJ is on his way up!

  • Well to be fair. I have in a graffiti style before and that is just colour pencil and paper.

    If I were to use spray paints on concrete walls then we might have a problem :).

  • yeh especially if it was on a headways wall eh mate !!!

  • Oh yes. That would make the problem ten times worse :).

  • another great one Matt, it's so 3 dimensional I feel like I could pluck it off the screen! So this is where you were Hiding, honing your talents. S xxx oops, Hope your AGM goes well also! x

  • Thanks Shirley :) and yes this is where I have been hiding. Been a bit of a busy bee :).

  • think youve cracked it there matt....brilliant

  • Thank you Steve :).

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