The phantoms are at it again

Yep they have been playing up and what winds me up is I can't find a reason for it because I have been behaving.

In the space of 3 days.....

Walking in a park with really good paths that are at least 15 feet wide and I still managed a little twist of an ankle on the edge of the path. And I thought I was in the middle of the path. Oops.

Preparing veg for cooking ...gave myself an unintentional part manicure by slicing a chunk of nail off. ¬†Thank goodness my nails were at the longest they have been for a very long time and it was just nail .ūüėÉ

While managing the twist I decided in my ultimate wisdom to wear new walking shoes and managed to trip myself up.

It's all good fun......reallyūüėč

Love hugs and happy bank holiday weekend to everyone.

Love n hugs


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  • Aah, yes, I know that feeling. Onions are the worst for me, more often than not it's an utter bloodbath. Looks like a serial killer has been in the kitchen.

    And I'm always twisting my bleeding ankles as I stumble along blindly.

    Aint life grand :)

  • The chopping was a carrot. ¬†It was probably my fault for trying to chop 2 at the same time. ¬†Not recommended.

    I could have been distracted by the constant sound track in my head since I heard a song.

    I think it's called I'm happy and there seems to be a line that is something about a room without a roof.

    No matter it's a permanent fixture in my head and I will insist on trying to move to its rhythm.

    Life is ab fab.

    Love n hugs to all the family


  • Well really Random, if you're going to do something outrageous like cutting 2 carrots at once, you know you are 'dicing with death !' : )) ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬† ¬†Corned beef cans are my nemesis.

    Good luck with the song obsession, it'll be something different next week - that's how it generally works for me, anyway ! Have an A and E free weekend, Angela : ) x

  • I know it's been done to death but I still love that 'Happy' song.

    There's a site called .................forgotten the name !!  Oh well it's where you can plant the faces of friends & loved ones onto dancing celebrities or cartoons. 

    One of the choices is several characters singing (yes, the mouths move) and dancing to 'Happy'. 

    I used it to send to my grandson with him, his mum & dad & me all taking part in the singing/dancing routine ; he couldn't get his head around it 'cause it's so lifelike..................but really funny !   :-/  x

  • Oh the site is Jib Jab !¬†¬† x

  • Hi Angela

    Corned beef tins are banned as are those stupid pies in tins that hubby really likes.

    Another nemesis is the dreaded ring pull. Honestly the times I've managed to trap my finger, bruise myself or just as often drop the ******thing being opened. It really annoys me when it is a tin of tuna or chick peas.

    As for the song it seems to be firmly lodged. I think I must have adopted it as some sort of anthem or mantra.

    Love n hugs


  • But on the plus side its an eventful life !!!

    Been on a short break to Wales and packed the car myself...along with a check list.

    Unpacked other end and was amazed I had got everything ...including my walking boots.

    Unfortunately only one of my boot of my wifes.ooops.

    No hill walking done then dohh.

    Still managed to get soaking wet walking along the prom though.


  • I love those Freudian slips but it is usually hubby who makes them here. ¬†Classically failure to pack the charger for his mobility scooter.

    Glad you had a lovely break and you know what they say about rain......its great for growing things.

    Love n hugs


  • Ah...well, that's the three things done.... should be a doddle rest of the week then! :-)

    Don't a lot of people cut themselves doing veg anyway? My son (23) called me 20 mins after I had left his flat about a year ago anxious that he had cut his thumb badly and now didn't know what to do...upon my return to his place he was holding it up in the air with a teatowel wrapped around it. 

    Spoke to 101 service who confirmed that in their opinion butternut squash was responsible for the highest number of vegetable cutting incidents...

     Luckily nothing more than a plaster was required.....oh, and sympathy from his mother and his partner. 

    Enjoy some sunshine :-) 

  • Ha ha ha love the title "phantoms are at it again" yep they creep on on you don't they and usually in threes. X Nick

  • Sorry but I'm laughing here as you sound so like me....oh what fun it is now doing certain tasks! Bumped my head getting the furniture polish out from under the sink, then proceeded to close the fridge on my hand....glad it's got the rubber on the door, then tried popped the clothes peg on my finger instead of the washing! Haha, so glad it's not just me, tho I do remember before my bi I thought it would be a great idea one day when I was in a hurry to jump out the car without taking my seatbelt off...ouch!!! ¬†I can slice two carrots at once tho! ;)

  • Ah yes, that old getting out of the car while still strapped in trick, I'm getting really good at that now :) x

  • I do feel for you......we could write a book (along the lines of Mr Bump by Roger Hargreaves), I'm sure it would be a best seller and twice as funny. x

  • Now that sounds like a great idea! We might even make our millions! :)

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