The phantoms strike again

Whether it's the extra pressure of Xmas even though it was very quiet (just the 2 of us).

Breakages 3 in two days. I can live with that.

What I'm finding much more difficult is the random phantom smells.

For 4 hours it was lily of the valley and that was replaced by warm custard. Some of the smells have been a lot less pleasant.

Just wondering if anyone has had anything similar. Should add I've had no signs of fitting.

Wishing everyone a peaceful and much better New Year and year ahead.



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  • Hi Random.

    I do get the odd strange smell ( and not just from me) from time to time.

    The best is the fresh pine smell from our christmas tree.......unfortunatley its artificial. I was convinced my wife had been spraying it.

    Its strange I can't smell things burning in the oven but the smallest vannilla t lite I can track around the house. The other strange smell is heat....told you it was strange.....I can't describe it but seem to smell it.

    Hope you had a good christmas.

    Pax. X

  • I can smell and taste snow in the air before it snows! I also taste the change in the air when we're goin to get lightening!

    I often smell electrical burning and I walk around looking for something burning, very frustrating.

    There are some foods I hated pre injury which I now love and others I once loved but can't stand the smell of any longer, never mind the taste.

    I love being cooky!

  • Glad to know its not just me.

    Thanks Danslatate



    Hope you had a good Xmas

  • Likewise on the things burning in the kitchen and yet being able to smell heat. I think I've got used to that.

    This was different. Nothing could have made the smells. Not even any of the presents.

    Hope you had a good one too.



  • Hi Random. Just been talking on another thread with Ian about olfactory disorders, and how my consultant assured me that corrupt and phantom smells & tastes are extremely common after brain injury.

    You are not alone m'dear. :o

    Best wishes for 2016. xxx

  • Thanks a million Cat

    It's just that I hadn't been aware of phantom smells before.

    It is reassuring to hear that they are reasonably common.

    Have a great 2016



  • Onions I now don't like onions even the smell makes my shiver. I find certain smells are now stronger and I can really smell them, now that sounds a bit silly.

    Thanks Random. Have a fantastic new year. Nick

  • Onions were one of the first smells I could rely on. So I have to love them don't I? Lol

    Have a great year Nick and your family too



  • I also smell phantom odors, but with me it is always smoke, like a cigarette is burning right under my nose. It comes and goes, and I haven't noticed a pattern that would suggest a trigger. It generally lasts 2-4 weeks, then suddenly disappears. I did have a brain injury 29 years ago in a car accident.

  • Hi Random

    Can't comment on the others I tend to miss smells such as burning roast, dry-boiled parsnips and potatoes, swede glued to the base of the pan for get my Christmas dinner picture I guess 😕

    But I know that this year I have really noticed the impacts of fatigue on how I have been able or perhaps more accurately less able to cope than in previous years. Temper has been ridiculously short, multi tasking non existent, awareness of time passing seriously skewed. So why not throw in weird smells to the mix. If it is new, or an exacerbation of symptoms then I guess it is just one of those things to do with the stress that even a quiet Christmas can bring. We are just more, and more peculiarly, sensitive than most.

    Wishing you a very happy 2016,


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