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The weekends here again

Well its been a lovely day today. Suns been out and the weekends here. So it must mean its time to overdo i t again. Must be back to my old self because had a chuckle when checking notifications. Got one from headway welcoming me to this forum group. Two problems , first it was 25 days old( this is the first time its popped up) , and second I joined last year. Now I know I can be forgetfull but a welcome over a year late, well thats good even by my standards. Do t get me wrong this is not a complaint I just found it amusing. Yes I do have a daft sense of humour. I blame the sun coming out not used to seeing it I suppose. Ah well just planning how I'm going to make myself bedridden by monday oh I do love a challenge. I have decided that if I am going to be in pain I am damn going to enjoy myself first. At least when I feel pain I know I am alive. Just thought this may make me sound a little strange....but then again I probably am. Oh as a footnote anyone in the sheffield/ rotherham area it will rain tommorow because I have decided to wash the car in the afternoon..YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Bye for now.

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I'm in the Doncaster area and according to the weather app on my phone ☔️

theres going to be plenty of rain tomorrow......so car washing looks doubtful 😠


Loks like it'll be sunday. Or I could wear a raincoat?


Is the welcome from Headway perhaps because although you joined a year ago you have only recently started posting?


Didn't think of that....mmmm not the brightest, err whatever it is , in the box. Yep could be because although I registered last year I forgot about it till this year.


If you would like another welcome, then Welcome!

It as a lovely day yesterday. Of course, now it's saturday, it's become all overcast!

Never mind, there's not too much rain today. It is mainly tomorrow, so try and wash the car this afternoon.

Good luck! 😉😀


Thanks I'll take all the welcoming I can get. Yep was great weather yesterday but now it raining so looks like its an energy saving day today. With any luck the rain will clean the car, but I serioisly doubt it.


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