Drug free side effects

That might have caught your attention.

As some of you may know I've had a bit of a musical ear worm that I adopted as a mantra and I I've been saying bubbles rainbows and butterflies as I go to bed.

At a very wet walk last week when others were moaning about the rain I said that I enjoyed it. I got some strange looks and I explained that I like it because it dampens noise levels.

I find myself randomly smiling and am able to actively take pleasure in the smallest things.

One of the group's I attend have called me "the doctor" because I keep things simple and have given practical tips that they have used and have worked.

Another group call me the wise one. Heaven help them😀

Smiling is becoming more regular and I believe that I have been conditioning my brain in a good way.

This might sound big headed . It is really just to let you know that there is hope.

May today be filled with all you need and leave you feeling that you did well.

Love n hugs


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  • That's probably why I love the rain- never thought about it like that but I think yes it does dampen noise levels.

    Such a good feeling when you can create a nice vibe around you- excellent :)

  • Awwh thanks aqua.

    It meant so much to me being told that others see me as positive, doctor and wise.

    I will try to hold on to that feeling on those days when things go pear shaped.

    Hope you are having a good day.

    Love n hugs


  • I like the rain as long as it isn't too windy!

    It's nice to get positive reactions from people like that, does your self confidence the world of good!


    Tn x

  • I know, I am always happy in front of others but have been so low at times and it's hard to pick yourself up sometimes.

  • So glad to hear that you are experiencing these "transcendental" good times. It seems like well-merited compensation for the other times when you have felt very different.

    I have no doubt that you are indeed wise and helpful to others. Isn't it interesting that, quite apart from that, when you are in a positive spirit, you stand out so much and elicit the positive feedback? I thinks that many people are either stressed or held back in a passive mode by the TV and computer habits. When in the presence of a person who is letting their inner light shine bright, they are energized, admiring and grateful. Keep being that positive force. The world needs you.

    I often try to clear my mind at night. Tonight ome bubbles and or butterflies may fly into that space....

  • Thank you so much Talav.

    In part I think it's because I'm learning not to define myself by my brain injury and the things I can't do....Instead I am learning to be me.

    Anything that makes you feel good are the words I chose to repeat before bed. That's why I chose bubbles butterflies and rainbows. Even now I have a smile as I type this.

    Love n hugs


  • randomphantoms what a lovely message! I smiled as I read it so thank you for sharing your positivity :-)

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Connie.

    Glad to brighten your day.

    I will be as positive as I can.

    Love n hugs


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