Times like this a.k.a. ironing board bites back!

My favourite thing ....The ironing board that pulls out of a kitchen cupboard drawer died recently.

I don't enjoy ironing but managed with it.

Had to use a standard ironing board. It really showed up my coordination issues.

The only way I can describe it is ....A bit like being wrapped in angry electric eels while fighting a grizzly bear.

Headache central!!!!! Typing this with one eye that will open so apologies for any MIS spelling.

Hope you're weekend is better.

Love n hugs


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  • In Lidl this week, they had a table top ironing board. Not quite as big as a normal one, but much more manageable. Could you get hold of one, it would be much easier for you.

  • Thank your for the thought.

    Tried to use one of them and one of those fancy electric steam press things on a visit to a family member.

    Let's just say it didn't go well with either.

    I have put hubby on the case.

    We can just look more scruffy than usßual until it's sorted.

    Love n hugs


  • I always find that putting my ironing board up is in the same league as battles with deckchairs!

  • Just getting it to be a ironing board was bad enough. Gave up on the fight to get it flat again after blood and bruising.

    Hubby put it flat today after a bit of an outburst from me.

  • Good evening Random Oxo - Jules here.

    I struggled to iron things. I learnt that if i get the damp clothes out of the washer as soon as the cycle is complete (so preventing further creasing) then gently pull the fabric into shape, then fold it and put back in the basket fora little while - then hang them to dry, and fold them neatly before they go back in the drawer - then you dont need to iron anything - no creases.

    Blue jeans need a little more encouragement .... i hold them up and swipe them hard down the leg material with the back of my hand and the creases start to ease out. Once the jeans are folded, left for a little while then hung up neatly to dry, then they (nearly always!) dot need to be ironed.

    The only thing it never works with is work shirts ... just a well i dont wear them anymore isnt it !

    Kind regards



  • Thanks Jules.

    I do the stretch and hang to dry.

    I think I sometimes overdry them and as everything is cotton, linen or wool it does tend to need ironing.

    Just the trousers and shirts. Any shirts I wear tend to be crinkle cotton and don't need ironing but thenhubby loves his shirts for going out.

    Love n hugs


  • My husband has always ironed his own shirts, I was never particular enough with them! Funny it's all he ever irons!

    Janet x

  • Dear Random, Thanks for the chuckle. You reminded me that a friend gave me a plaque that says "Blessed are we who can laugh at ourselves for we shall never cease to be amused". Have a great day.

  • Thanks Talav.

    I do try. 2 days of doubling up on meds and the other eye is beginning to open.

    It wasn't funny at the time. These things rarely are but laughter is far and away the best medicine in my book.

    Love n hugs


  • Hang stuff on hangers,and stick them in the bathroom when having a shower/bath....leave a couple of days doing this and wont have much to iron at all then....I hardly iron anything.

    When money wasn't so much of an issue it was something I paid someone else to do . Maximum I paid was £8/fortnight for a whole ikea bag full. Best £4 spent a week in my opinion. Worth investigating??

    I have one of those on the counter boards now.

  • Hi Moo

    We did talk about sending the washing out a while ago but it's part and parcel of my independence and a saying can measure how well I'm coping.

    Love n hugs


  • Its odd isn't it something relatively simple like a different ironing board can really throw you off.

    For about 2 years after my injury, I struggled with the combined taps/ shower unit on the bath. Could I get the sequence right to use the shower head to clean the bath and then flip the leaver to revert to taps - two years of putting the handset back on its rest then turning the taps on to see water flowing out of the shower head ....

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