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Just an update

Ok its about two weeks old this update ( thought I had posted it ).

Well my cars back on the road ......its even clean. Missed it soooooo much as the hire car was not so good. Ok it wasnt that bad ....once I was in it...and yes ok so I had to roll to get out of it ( no good in the rain I can tell you).

So I back zooming...alright cruising....right I'll be honest tootling around smiling as I go.

Its been two weeks and only been cut up and pulled out on about a dozen times. Must be a slow two weeks ?

Trying to work out how to fit flashing lights and sirens to my car so as not to get it bumped again. Apparently the police will not allow this....spoil sports.

Must admit I did panic when I found the bill for the repairs in the car. Then the insurance sent an e-mail letting me know the other party accepted fault.

Its great to be mobile again and to get out into the fresh air.....may even start painting again.... .no not the dining room.....put proper painting , may even be allowed sharp pencils this time. Hope so because chewing the ends of wax crayons tastes awfull.

Well thats it for now....not earth shattering.....not even life altering ....but it is good news for me.

Bye for now.


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YAY! great news! and nice to read a more cheerfull post from you.Pics of paintings when you have done them? P.S if my cat (who seems to have improved) had her way my relpy would have looked like this! YAY! gjjjmmmcccddd '''''LOL!


We have a dog like that. Though in her defence she is blind.....oh how she gets away with the sympathy card.

Keep meaning to post some paintings on here. Although you have to close one eye whilsr covering the other up to get their true beauty.

One day I will inflict I mean delight you all by posting them. I do mainly landscapes and the odd ....infact very odd modernist painting. They say that putting it on canvas is the best way of expressing things you cannot say. God knows what I was thinking some days.

I promise I will one day subject you all to my dabblings......I may even post my paintings.

Pax x

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Please do. Have nearly fallen off the chair with glee at the idea of your viewing instructions 😂Nice to have you back, Happy-Pax!

(Sorry, that has made you sound like some kind of pop up box system....)


No fear of me being a pop-up anything.......to energetic for me that.

I do find the viewing instructions are handy when viewing my work. Either that or to view them in a darkened room .......very dark. They also say art is best viewed from a distance........a good 1/2 a mile usually works.

But seriously.....mmmmm now how do I do serious ?....... I have always doodled but learnt to "colour in " after my bi as therapy. It did help release strange dark thoughts and I put these onto canvas.

Alas...or maybe thankfully....I had to destroy them as the reminder was not healthy. I lime to think the process sort of rid them from me.

But I do solomley swear to postsome of them soon....they may be upside down or sideways as I still have not mastered turning images sround yet.

As for happy-Pax being back ....I sooooo hope he is....the other one is such a miserable **** .

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Love it Pax.

Enjoy your tootling.

Glad to have your unique way with words back and making me fall off my perch.

Viewing instructions greatly appreciated but I will most definitely be peeking.

Love n hugs



You may regret peeking. You have been warned.

Pax x


Warning received and will be ignored.

What's that expression? Something about you don't regret the things you do but you do regret the things you didn't do.

Looking forward to another thing to do so the sooner you get the palette out the better.

Love n hugs



glad you are going to post some pics up,soon and yes i have taken viewing insrtuctions on board


Toot toot! Enjoy cruising! xx


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