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To close for comfort.


Dont usually watch soaps on tv. Ok I never seem to be able to keep up with the plots to be honest.

Well I watched corra tonight ..  ..must admit it left me squirming. Was it Gail celbrating I hear you ask. Actually no it was her eldest son . His portrayal of the effects of a bi. 

I was informed the characture had previously suffered a bi. Usually I cringe at the over the top depiction of a bi and the quick recovery . 

Well not this time. His over reaction and anger burst if anything may have been played down if anything.

This left me cringing for other reasons. Yes it brought back my own struggle with anger ....even ongoing if I am honest.

Yes a little to close to home for me.....but a good depiction all the same.

Maybe I am now converted to soap watching .......then again maybe not.


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Mirrors are great facilitators of change.  Anger is good if it serves a purpose.  Anger helps the body unveil the hidden.  Its what you do with anger that counts.  Channel it in a useful way to make a change, becomes a positive!

Not watched soap for years - Best of luck with that! LoL

Keep well Pax :)

paxo05 in reply to RecoveringH

I am afraid the only channeling I managed with my anger was to channel it into more frustrstion.

Luckily anger management helped although ai still feel the frustration and the anger bubblr for little or no resson.

Have used the anger once in a painting  hoping to use it productivley.

The resulting work was really disturbing and felt it was best removed from this world.

I have to admit I dont hold much hope of continuing watching soaps.


cat3 in reply to paxo05

I'm thinking that your painting which was "Best removed from this world" might have been a modern-day Salvador Dali which could have set you up for life.

One of my favourite paintings is 'The Scream' by Edvard Munch ; not something I'd hang on my wall but definitely one I identify with, and a painting which conveys brilliantly the most tortured of minds !

I saw the scenes you referred to and agree that the directors got it spot on.  And it was, I agree, a bit too close for comfort.

paxo05 in reply to cat3

The painting looked more like a war tha a scream. Have tried to repaint it but cant get it right.......or maybe deep down I dont want to.

Only have a few low key ones from around that time.

I was amazed how uncomfortable it was to watch....proves its good tv Isuppose.


My son asked me if I'd watched it which I did. It was quite an accurate portrayal of how the person with a BI can react and also the reaction of the family. Interesting to see things from both sides as a lot of us do regularly xx

moo196 in reply to Alice5

So, I'm thinking I might need to catch up with this sometime today to see what was shown.....:-)

I saw that too and agree it was quite accurately reflected however I didn't agree with the way it was portrayed as the symptoms of the brain injury "coming back". The long lasting effects never really go away people just learn to deal with them and stressful situations put those coping strategies to the test. That's what I've found with my husband anyway others experiences may be different! 

paxo05 in reply to lrose08831

All I can think of the " coming back" is that just when you think you have got a grip with a bi something happens to make it obvious that you have just masked the problems.

You learn to adapt to the new " you" as the basic problems never really go just learn to live with them.


cat3 in reply to paxo05

I do agree that the use of the term 'coming back' was very unfortunate..  In fact it's disappointing that ITV have depicted this character (Nick) as coping so well since his BI................running a restaurant, conducting a successful relationship etc., so that, suddenly,  his symptoms do appear to have come back after not being present for so long.

The only plausible outcome now would be if Nick's injury were to have physically deteriorated causing further brain damage ??

Alice5 in reply to lrose08831

I totally agree xx

Tia-01 in reply to lrose08831

Exactly what I said Irose, my husband has wee hissy fits(lol) daily since his accident 8 years ago. Symptoms don't just come back, there for life but people deal with/cope them differently than others. I wonder who they consulted before they did this storyline...

I meant to say I agree that it's not about the BI returning but the damage caused by the BI. Difficult to come to terms with on both sides. I wonder if people like Headway were consulted on this storyline xx

It was uncomfortable watching it last night and my wife and I discussed what Nick (the character could do). I just kept thinking "You need to be on your own for a while and take some time for yourself"

I watched it and tweeted that it was an accurate portrayal of the frustration, uncertainty and niggles that come with an ABI. I used the hashtag #corrie and tagged my local Headway (who have worked with the actor Ben Price). I had a retweet from someone I don't know and looked at her profile.  She was obviously a soap fan and then I saw what she'd written a few minutes earlier: "I like it when Nick goes all psycho and gets angry". I deleted my tweet and thought whether I should contact her and explain about ABI. I didn't. 

Hi Pax, yes watched it myself and see Nick slowly going back to his old state of mind, very upsetting to watch as I really identified with what he did the other week when his niece was getting bullied. He threw the bullies bag on the floor. I felt just the same in early days and vented my anger out but now I'm much more controlled and have a pause switch. Will be watching again tomorrow. N

I think its misleading the layman cos why would you revert back to how you was?

If you've recovered from a TBI then youre not going to un-recover

MXman in reply to spideyman

Very true matey, very true.

paxo05 the actor concerned did an interview explaining his research for his bi.

    he spoke to survivors of tbi s asking about their experiences before talking to clinical and rehab staff, he invited survivors and carers to rehearsalls to ensure his portrayal was realistic.

     well done that man

MXman in reply to steve55

Wow didn't know that. Yes well done that man.

steve55 in reply to MXman

its like david tennant....he now supports headway essex

paxo05 in reply to steve55

I did hear he had consulted headway. Also that the story would be played out in real time.

Was suprised how he seemed to recover and how he has " relapsed". 

It may have been better to see how he tried to hide it more or deny it was hsppening.......yep thats what I tried to do without success.


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