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Greetings Headcases or is that just me



It has been 21 weeks since I underwent a craniotomy for the third time. I was really lucky as I got over it quite quickly. The surgical team were very good apart from when I had the drain removed at 11.30pm. The doctor warned me that it was going to hurt and boy he was not wrong.

Bless him after three stitches he decided that was enough, which I was glad he did as my pain threshold was quite low at that stage.

I was in hospital for only 4 days and at home for a further two weeks.

I think I may have gone back to work far too early as it have now shown that although I think I am super human... In fact I'm not!!!!

I suffer quite badly from lack of concentration and my memory is much to be desired.

I am hoping that you very clever guys and girls could guide me a bit even if its to boost me up a little.

At present I am on a low spiral and cry at the most random times. Bit of a pain when I'm meant to be the strong one.

So that is me, third time lucky NOT!!!! My colloid cyst is attached so all they can do is drain when the time comes. Has anyone else had this done and if so how many times.

Please let me know.

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Had pne crainiatomy once following brain surgery to stop a massive haemorrhage what do you do for a job? X

I am an office manager for an IT recycling company, as we are a small business it is very hands on. The first day I came back to work it took me about an hour to remember how to send an email.

bexx87 in reply to Scoogle

I work in IT for my local council do server support and I have to contact our local IT recycling company when disposing of servers, our recycling company are all Byte Back and their office isn't that far from where I live

Scoogle in reply to bexx87

You are doing so well.

bexx87 in reply to Scoogle

thanks :-)

Think I would struggle concentrating if I was doing that I just switch off after so long of doing something didnt know it was caused by my BI thought it was just me!!

I'm not surprised to hear your having lack of concentration, memory challenges, and the crying. What you've gone through is plenty of trauma for the body and brain to deal with, especially since it is the third time you've had to go through. Almost like a repetitive brain injury of sorts. Cut your self some slack for sure. Make it ok that you aren't on top of your game so soon. It is ok not to be the strong one all of the time. You're doing the best you can, given what you have going on. Be kind to yourself.

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