I have been suffering from depression for over 13 years now and every time I have asked for counselling and for my tablets to be changed all of the doctors have either ignored me and my fiance or decided that I am not allowed to have my tablets changed n when we have asked the gp for an explanation they have basically said that I'm fine with the antidepressants that I'm on n that I don't need counselling when its as clear as day that I need new tablets and counselling. I feel like giving up asking for counselling and using tablets that no longer work for me as the gps at my local surgery don't want to know or seem to care. They won't even give me anything to help me to become pregnant as I've got Poly cystic ovary syndrome and me and my fiance are trying for a baby,but no gp will help me.

Please help

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  • Sorry to hear of your troubles but this group is Headway for people with brain injuries. If you don't have a brain injury, you need a group for depression and polycystic ovary syndrome as they will be able to offer information and support you won't find here. Good luck.

  • Thank you hun. I haven't been able to find any communities for either ☹

  • does it really matter tortie, if you need to talk you need to talk.

    although this lady may not have a brain injury, depression is also associated with people who do


  • Can you not self referral? Does depend on where you are, I was asked by GP to self referral to the counselling service.

    It may be worth checking out your local NHS trust to see what they offer.

  • Thank u for the advice Roger. I'll have a look now 😊

  • If you click on 'my communities' on the bar at the top the drop down menu will have 'search communities' and if you click on that you will get taken to a screen of all the organisations using the HealthUnlocked platform. You can either scroll through or put 'depression' and 'polycystic ovaries' in the search box. I just did it and there are organisations on HealthUnlocked for both those conditions also for infertility.

    Best wishes

  • You could try looking any charities in your area that may offer subsidised or free counselling.


  • Hi

    Please contact MIND, you can refer yourself and get help.

    There is a lot more available and more understanding now.

    Good luck xx

  • I hope you find the help you need. Just FYI, it is my understanding that the NHS will not offer assisted conception to those who have a child. This policy may differ from area to area but I know that is the reality friends have dealt with where I live. X

  • My GP told me and my partner that she would need to check a few things first and speak to another member of medical staff for advice and see where we go from there,but every time we have asked for an appointment with the lady GP who is helping us (we can ring up for a same day appointment or we can book an appointment in advance by going into the surgery) she has never had any appointments left,so wwe end up having to book an appointment with different doctor every time

  • when you see a different doctor be forceful dont be bullied......or failing that ask for a meds review, different to asking for your meds to be changed.

    in all honesty if your depression is effecting your daily life you should really be referred to a pschiatrist, dont worry thats not as bad as it sounds, in fact its good, you have regular sessions seeing the same person each time , you build up a relationship with each other,

    ive got a psychiatrist unfortunatly hes left due to ill health ( nothing to do with me )!!!! so ive got to start all over again.

    keep in touch


  • Myself and my fiance are thinking about changing gp surgeries as the doctors at our current one say that they will help us one time n then act like they didn't another time or if we want to see the main (or assigned gp I think they are called now) gp then we get fobbed off with (and this seems to be the receptionists favourite excuse) doctor Hyde (she's the assigned gp at our surgery) has no appointments left today and we get the same excuse or they'll say that Dr Hyde isn't in as she's off sick or its her day off. We've even tried booking an appointment with Dr Hyde a week or so in advance and got the same thing thrown at us again,so we have had to see a different doctor than the lady doctor (most of the gps we've seen are male which makes me feel uncomfortable talking about certain things) who has been helping us.

  • i only see one dr at my surgery, my wife wont let them palm me off with any other dr.

    she tells them because of my brain injury and if i dont see my gp im likely to kick off sorted.....its a shame you dont have that option.

    an idea, it may work have a look on line , it should tell when your gp is working so when you phone for an appointment, note the receptionists reply, try again a few days later and check her response im sure shell put herself out to find an appointment for you rather than being picked up .

    have it put on the receptionists screen that you prefer to see a female dr.

  • sophiesmummy i think you should contact time to talk its a nhs service .

    not having suffered from depression thats the only advice i can give you, except we re here for each other


  • Thank u Steve

  • yes love change your doctors surgery .if you see another doctor were you go the doesn't understand one will have added his no to any other meds on your notes on your file. and they wouldn't go against him they stick together .

    firstly shouldn't have to suffer or beg for a change to different slow release med same famiy that will work anyone no s you get use to your meds.

    you must be feeling bad love I think you should today go to another surgery .

    or if you are feeling like I think id phone citizens or hossie for immediate advice. .citizens will give you numbers of organizations that are there for you but just go to another surgery today and just think you wont suffer tomorrow .do it love x eddieeb

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