Since my son's accident I don't seem to be able to do anything right in the eyes of the remaining family members. I'm really struggling........................I am his mother but I'm divorced.

How do I cope with all this I am currently waiting for counselling (3 mths) and it's getting harder with every comment that comes my way. I have felt suicidal at times. I want to say no more but I love my son and feel like I am saying no more to him.

I can't elaborate too much as this post might be recognised and then the shit will hit the fan perhaps I need that to happen.

My son has made it thankfully as he wasn't predicted too. He's walking eating texting but it's the brain injury part now.

Sorry if I am coming over as a victim I don't mean too at all. I need coping strategies or something.

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  • I would love to be the one to give you answers, I can't ... just be there for your son and don't mind the others 😏

  • I am afraid that the carers of brain injured people ARE victims in a way. We never expected our lives to turn out like this, any more than the person with the injury did. Often the affected person doesn't realise how it has left them a different person, but the carer has to deal with it all.

    have you got a trusted friend or family member who can have a word with the people causing the problem; there is no right or wrong with a brain injury and you, as his mother, probably have more sense of what he needs than other people do. Just keep on with what you are doing and if necessary minimise contact with those who are causing the trouble.

    Keep posting on here, it is a great place to find people who really understand what it's like. If you are worried about others seeing your posts, you can send private messages to those you would like to chat to more.

    Good luck, don't give up you seem to have been doing a good job so far.


  • I always felt that in many ways my family suffered more and still do with the emotional side of a brain injury.

    Dealing with a changed son/father/brother and the changed social dynamics and let's be honest a lot of family are complicated from the get go!

  • Sorry for your loss of how your son and life once was and for those people causing you stress and grief because of ignorance about how things really are for you and your son. I think of things like this (things we feel we have no control over) in this way - To give me some sense of being in control, my choice is how I chose to deal with each and every thing that comes up about it. It may not be my choice to have all of these things in my life, however my choice is how I deal with them. I do have control over my choices. Not sure if that helps, but I hope it is of some assistance for you. I wish you peace and comfort always.

  • Thank you so much means a lot x

  • heartbroken ok here we go youre on the headways site so find out where the nearest group to you.

    not only do you get people like me with a bi, but darlings like you who put up with us, we had a lady used to come to our group, her son was in denial, she took great comfort in the group.

  • Thank you Steve am going to the next one in June. Thank you for your kind words x

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