Just dropping by

Hey all, haven't been around at all lately! I see you're all getting on nicely though (for the most part).

I'm still trying to drag myself through my degree, trying to figure out what I'm going to do afterwards. I finish in June so I'm starting to panic a bit. My final year project is on my blind field of vision on the right, so the results of that should be interesting.

Family is doing much better, and I haven't had a seizure in a year and a half so that's positive.

I'm still so tired all the time, and I feel sort of detached from the world which is torture (I started seeing a therapist for that just in case) Objectively though, things are going great.

Love to all.

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Hi Ben good to hear from you, so glad you're doing well.

I know you didn't think you'd get this far, but you have and now the future opens up for you.

You've learnt a lot along the way, especially about yourself and what you can achieve,

No stopping you now, I can't wait to hear your finals result and your plans for he future xxx

Love Janet


Hello mate,

Glad to see you're still doing fine and great news that epilepsy is keeping away from your door. Let's hope the odious little git keeps it that way.

Keep popping by wont you



Good for you. I did an OU degree a few years ago and can't even imagine trying to study for one now, so that's amazing.

As for the fatigue, I guess it's something to be managed rather than it going away (I'm so rubbish at it) I guess studying will cause quite a lot of mental fatigue.

It sounds that you're doing brilliantly and you will figure out what comes next.

Best wishes


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awesome! iam doing an O.U degree too,only just done essay number three though so miles to go! glad to read how well you are doing


Hey Ben, always good to hear from you. Hope you're proud of what you've achieved so far despite all the setbacks.

Great news about the seizures ; long may their absences continue ! :-/ xx


Hi Ben

Glad to hear about the seizures and good luck for your final results then you can decide what you will do by moving on and forwards



Hi Ben

Keep pressing on with the degree matey. Yep that poxy old fatigue gets me too, I now know when its coming though and can act on it. Nick


glad to hear things are genrally on the up. try not to panic!


Good I'd to hear from you. Project sounds interesting. Keep us posted. Don't let fears for the future rob you of enjoying life now. You have come so far.


Hi Ben, how lovely to hear such a positive report. It took me about 18 months to work out where I was headed after I graduated - sometimes taking your time is the right thing to do. Hope the fits don't make a reappearance any time soon. Keep on plodding on!


Hi Ben,

I was thinking the other night that you hadn't posted for ages. Its always good to hear how folks are getting on, so it's great you've posted. I can remember when you first came on this site....and WOW have you come along way in your physical and mental state.....long may it continue Ben. I wish you all the best with your degree and look forward to hearing how you get on.

Take care Ben and a very happy new year to you.

Joanne 😀


Lovely to see you back Ben and great to hear you nearing completion at uni - I remember your angst at the thought of going a couple of years ago or so.

Glad the seizures have not been around for a while also. Good luck for exams

Shirley x x


That's amazing you are finishing up with Uni. Even better news about the seizures. Fatigue is a problem for me as well. I try to manage it best I can. Would love to read your paper if you ever post it. Best of luck and what a bright future you have ahead! Best of luck to you!!!!

Hugs and prayers,



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