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The Apothecary Jar

It stands alone, the apothecary jar

And with its help, you may go far

Deep within, emotions reside

Take a look and delve inside

Rotting away, smothered in moss

You’re sure to find your memory loss

Many, many years since it all went wrong

Tucked away is your recall, short and long

The Apothecary Jar is your very best friend

The goodies inside try their best to mend

Your buddy, your pal, but in the main,

A mental sticking plaster covering over the pain

Reach deep inside in order to take

A nugget of joy to keep you awake

The ability to sleep soundly will not hurt

As you can’t remember what it meant to be alert

Another delve in the jar for goodness sake

To find relief from the infernal headache

Just one reprieve, that’s your goal

From the pain searing into your very soul

Inside, deeper still, another slice of elation

The long forgotten art of concentration

Normality was having a mind like sieve

The jar keeps you aware and now attentive

You will empty the jar and it makes you so sad

In a search for the life you know you once had

Time will tell, you eventually see

That, alas, it’s gone, it will never be

Friends come and go, you no longer care

Life is tough and very rarely fair

The jar remains, testament to what has gone

Now what’s left is overuse of the word ‘crampon’

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I'm well impressed with the speed at which you turned Angelite 's comment into a full blown multi verse poem.

I'm sure she will love it.




It's a gift, I think :)


You did it, you really did it ! : ))

Wow, you're Speedy Gonzalez with the old Cranium Scrabble !

Me - I'm lost for words !

Many thanks, Andy, for pasting a big smile on these rather miserable chops of late ! : )

Angela x

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I like a challenge :)

I've been pestering Headway about having a page on their site, 'Notes From A Brain Damaged Baron' or something similar. Not sure if there's any interest though!


Hi Andy, never mind a page you should make it a book.

Would def. be a best seller. Kx


Publishers wont even read my work, sadly. That's why I'm trying to get 'out there' on Headway if I can


Sorry to hear that and hope you get a Headway page soon. K


Uh uh, I'm late again...... Just caught up with Barons brain

On right o' page ' yr worship'll see

There's just t'place for thee

Pour toi et moi - notre biopics est sous les TOPICS

Poems/Art/Photos 'tis place to park your works of Art.

Tee hee, sorry I'm no poet, but did put something in there myself a few months ago!

The same list appears on the other communities also and if we had some more Contributors, think what insight we'd gain into how others cope with with and challenge their different conditions which we may know nothing Of! Assuming of course it is all the same ones in each community!

Happy weekend all!

Sbirley xx




Fantastic poem matey, fantastic. I secretly had to google "Apothecary" though not much of a secret now is it. ;-)


I love it!! So true.

I think you should get a regular slot in the headway mag or website.

You really do have a talent that needs sharing.


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