Please vote tactically in the general election tommorow

I'm not political but as someone who lives with disability resulting from a BI I need the support of the state to give me the best chance in life. I'm now past 30 and feel I'm at a crossroads, I can either overcome disability and become successful in my own right or I don't and I don't want to contemplate the alternative. But I need a reliable and well funded health service, easier access to education if needed, perhaps support from a hopefully well funded and resourced charity with specialist expertise to help me get into work, etc. I get the feeling that the current government doesn't care about me or about the NHS or about helping younger or perhaps disadvantaged people get on in life. So I'm voting tactically tommorow to reduce their majority and bring them into line. You can find out who the best part to vote for in your area by entering your postcode and seeing the result. Here is the link:

Please use your vote tommorow!

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  • I suspect tomorrow or rather Friday early will throw up some surprises! Sadly I also suspect, the end result is likely to be the same as expected before it was called, this said the tories campaign has been awful, and May is damaged goods and at some point will disappear.

  • True Roger. There are already whispers in the party about her replacement even in the event of a win.

  • Prophetic words it appears. Great day for democracy.

  • Exit polls have been wrong famously in 2015 where it said a hung parliament which was a small majority, and now to 2017 where we have a exit polling for a hung again, so it's wait and see, though increased turn out? Is a promising sign.

  • Thanks Barny. I'll vote for the party I've voted for all my voting life so it'll be both tactical and loyal !

    My friends in Harrogate are Labour supporters but will be voting LibDem who are the only real threat to the tories in that constituency.

    I remember being in hospital early one morning in 1997, when the final results of a Labour landslide came through. The whole department went wild ; the staff were grinning from ear to ear. I couldn't have been in better company at that moment !

    If only.........................

  • Thanks for voting labour in 97, I feel fortunate to have spent my secondary schooling, college and university under a labour government, I feel sorry for people who can't go into further education because of the current fees.

    Great news for democracy it may appear, even if the conservatives still are the largest party.

  • Hi Barny. Thank you for this post. I hope things will turn out good for people who suffered already enough due to incompetency.It is not my place to say who I will vote for, because I have not the right and probably I will not stay here especially with all the discriminatory comments and behaviours (just had a "funny" one yesterday in NHS...) but I hope Britain could be again respected and cherished. I remember when I arrived here first time nearly 15 years ago, people were open and interested in me being "different". They wanted to know about me. Now I feel like an intruder even though I want to contribute, it does not matter for some.

    I think we need more empathy than walls, and I really hope you all get the good change you deserve. Stay hopefull!

  • I've only ever been interested in difference so can't really understand that mentality. You don't need a disability or come from another country to be different because everyone is.

    Looks like labour and lib dem have done well, great news.

  • Voted ☺

  • Good girl ; I'll cycle down later tonght when the traffic's died down. x

  • I biked before the rain !

  • Not raining here but, with the strong winds we're having, I might just take off like a Mary Poppins on wheels ! x

  • I have tactically voted just now. I do as Barny mentions wonders what the future holds. I had to go tribunal last year, as the girl interviewing me, not a doctor or health professional decided I had no cognitive difficulties. Ten months later The decision was overturned . Have the joy of assessment next year! I have worked all my life until TBI 6 years, and would love to go back to work, but fatigue is my biggest barrier .

    Let's hope for a miracle . One word : Trump, who would have thought!

  • I'll be there in 30 mins and have everything crossed. Hopefully even a reduced majority for the Tory's will see the back of her.

  • You were joking weren't you? Only one cross allowed.

  • Can't stay awake any longer (2.30am Fri) but just pray the morning brings a hung parliament this point looking like a distinct possibility. :o

  • Later than me I managed 1:30 before I gave in, looks like a minority government and yet more politics!

  • I think the Tories will (sadly) hang on to power with support from the DUP but May's days are numbered. Please god not Boris though !

    But Corbin had led a powerful compaign by connecting with the electorate rather than just repeating the same worn-out sound bytes over and over.................

  • May's campaign was awful, number of U turns and such, and even so Corbyn who had a very good campaign, but even so is 58 seats adrift, can't make a movement even with a progressive alliance there isn't enough of them.

    labour have done far better than expected but against such a awful campaign I can't help feeling others would of closed the gap.

  • Where I live, both conservatives and labour gained what ukip lost, with conservatives gaining marginally more than labour, however labour held onto the seat only just (circa 50%). Now I understand why the conservatives did so well in 2015 despite the austerity because people wanted an eu referendum, traditional labour voters voted ukip or conservative instead just for the referendum. Now that labour appear to be respecting the result, they've gone back to supporting their traditional parties, with only hard brexit-eers sticking to their guns.

    The other reason is the youth vote turnout has been unexpectedly high the propect of free university and the effects of austerity (as young are poor) may have persuaded them to vote labour or lib dem. I think they learned their lesson when their parents/grandparents decided on mostly their future in the brexit debate whilst they were elsewhere at festivals or on holiday.

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