Acceptance - That Elusive Son of a-

Acceptance is hard, and I am by no means an authority on it, but I know that it's a necessary part of any grief.

Now this is not another way of saying that you're "giving up", or that you have to settle for for a poorer standard of life. But if you can't come around to what's happened, and you think that one day you'll be ok with it anyway, you may as well try head-butting a wall and expecting it fall down. Denying yourself the opportunity to come to terms with what comes your way is one of the cruellest things you can do to yourself, when you accept circumstances beyond your control you're basically telling it that it may have taken something from you, but it most definitely hasn't crushed your spirit, and it certainly doesn't mean you have to lose anything else.

There is no reason, and it wasn't your fault, it's just something that happened, like a myriad of other things in history. If you don't try to come around to it, it won't go away, and the world won't bat an eyelid if you don't like it.

I only say this because I'm trying to do it now, and I'm sure many of you may have come to terms with it, and to you, well done, I'm sure it wasn't easy.

So withdraw for a while, that's fine, as long as you can drag your sorry ass body around, you can do this for as long as you want. You owe it to yourself. On the bright side,

you have a killer story to tell at parties.

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well put, i think i have pretty much accepted all my problems, but i haven't given up addressing them or fighting them.

a very well written post indeed

and wish you all the best


Thanks, it's not an easy task, fighting is hard.




Oh how I hope thatJake gets this one day! You're amazing, thank you!


I write a good game, but it's only something I do half the time, I'm trying to drag myself up to it. As you say; one day!



read this about half an hour ago,and been thinking since..it is so true,what you have written about acceptance,and something i have not even thought about.thank you for sharing this,in such an eloquent and down to earth way,it has helped me understand a little more.and resolve to start working on myself in that. wishing you well and.keep fighting bsa ;} xxx


Thanks! Let's beat the stuffing out of it!!


Love your blogs, so true yet postive- yep! we always have the best story to tell at a party, although it may have everyone sobbing which is not the best start! but tend to use humour with it and after half an hour or so everyone just gets on with things......Acceptance!


Yeah it's good to make it seem less serious than it is, makes you start to believe it after a while. I know that when people at uni treat me normally I feel normal, and when I'm with my scared to death parents, I feel unwell.

Although they do have every right to be.


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