Oh great news....your better now!!!

Hi folks,

I've been on this site a few years and because of my brain injury and reasons related to it I have used different names, some of you will know me as Hannah S, LeslieDilks or currently CindyBurton10

Anyway!!!! After 8 long years I have finally been given the all clear that my AVM has gone. In the consultants words...."Its been obliliterated"

I felt like there should have been a marching band, streamers and balloons dropping from the ceiling. There wasn't of course, but the news was just what me and my beloved hubby needed. The problems caused by the AVM haven't gone but the AVM has....yippee!!!!!!

Then we got these responses from some friends and family.... Will they stop your money, will they take your disabled badge, Can you work now, Can you go out alone, Will you stop being jumpy and afraid of noise, Will the light still affect you. Will you still need your walking stick. Are you going to book a cruise or fly to some exotic island to celebrate etc...etc....

I know it's difficult to understand brain injury and I'm probably being harsh, but I felt shattered and very disappointed when friends/family said the above.....for goodness sake people I've been given the all clear that the AVM has gone. I've still got all my problems, there hasn't been a miracle and everything obliterated.... if only!

I now know the ticking time bomb in my head in Elvis words...."has left the building" The news has been great, but life won't change, we will just continue living life with a brain injury using the strategies learnt from the professionals and stratergies learnt by trial and error of our own making. We will now of course be AVM free. Yippee!!!!

Just wanted to share and also wish you all well !

Take care 😃

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  • To me you'll always be Jo.  What fantastic news Jo ; I'm so, so pleased for you.

    Your relief is palpable and your news has brought about a whopping smile from me !

    It must feel like a miracle to be rid of that dark cloud from your life.  I've no fireworks or balloons m'dear so we'll have to make do with smiley faces !!

       :-/    ;-)    :D    :-)    xxx

  • Thank you Cat, 

    You've been such an inspiration and help over the years to me. Long may it continue to others old and new on this site and maybe for myself from time to time  👍

    If ever you get to the Doncaster region, I've a cuppa and 🍰 with your name on. 

    Thanks again Cat

    Jo 😘

  • OK, now you've made me cry !

    I'll tell you what Jo, I go over to Harrogate occasionally so I might just make a detour one time & take you up on the cuppa.   ;-)   xx

  • That would be lovely Cat 😃

  • Love all your smiley faces Cat - very impressed  lol :) x

  • Try colon, lower case Hyphen, then closed bracket.................leave  a couple of spaces either side, and you have a smiley face !

    This is what happens when you don't leave spaces:-)but it shows the configuration !   Love Cat xx 

  • I taught you well :)

  • Amazing news!!!!!!!!!!! .x.x.x.x.

  • Thank you 😃

  • That's nice news to wake up to! Great to hear it and I'm very pleased for you. Easy to understand that although the news is good, your life remains touched by the AVM and will remain so. Keep on keeping on


  • Thanks Andy, 

    Like Cat, you've been another  good cyber friend 😃 So it looks like I'll have to bake a decent size cake because your welcome as well 🍰👍

    Best wishes Andy 🖖


  • Bless ya, that's really nice! I'm only an hour away :)

    P.S. I like 'cyber friend'. It makes me sound like a robot

  • Andy/Cat, think we 3 should def have cake, cuppa and a good natter. I can't go out alone so you will both have to make your way to me here in sunny Doncaster 👌

    Let's organise 😃


  • Fine by me, not sure Cat is listening though :)

  • Fine by me, not sure Cat is listening though :)

  • I'm listening Andy ; I'm listening !   :o   

    It would be quicker for me on the train 'cause I've just learned that Doncaster isn't just up the M62 on the way to  Leeds .................. but up to Leeds then S/E for 25+ miles, so about a 2hr drive !  Geography never my best subject.

    So I'll need to check the Leeds/Doncaster connections Jo/Andy & get back to you.  xxx


  • Cat, get back to me/us when you can. I do appreciate the travel difficulties , but it woukd be so nice to meet up. Anyway see how you go and if it's mean't to be its mean't  to be. 

    So hopefully I'll see you soon my dear !!! 

  • Yes, I really thought the Doncaster turn-off was about 3/4 of an hour from my end (South Trafford) but I was mixing it up with Huddersfield !

    I don't think I could manage a 4 hour driving round trip Jo but I'll check the train times & connections tomorrow & see what the options are.  xx

  • Me again Jo.  After words with my pal I'm informed that by the time I'd caught the tram to Manchester, taken the train to Leeds, changed to the Doncaster train then found my way from the station to your house,  the motorway would, after all, be the best option.

    So I'm wondering if he could come along with me as I no longer drive such distances alone - really not up to it any more. Then we could head off later to his mums in Harrogate.

    Sorry if I'm dithering Jo, but I'm easily exhausted and confused since the BI. But so long as I have a co-pilot it should be quite do-able.    :-)

    Would that be OK with you m'dear ?  'Twould mean an even bigger cake........ :o   xx

  • Fabulous news well done I got the all clear that my avm had been obliterated in December last year 

    Its an amazing feeking enjoy it 

    Its nice to be happy about something prolong it if you can

    Pleased for you


  • Thank you and all the best to you with continued AVM freedom 👌😃

  • Just curious cindy have any of your symptoms changed since your AVM has gone? Did you have radio surgery? Xxx

  • Forgive my ignorance, Jo and Prettythings, but by 'obliterated' do you mean treated with the Gamma Knife procedure ?   x

  • I was told the same obliterated I think it a term the raidiologists use Sounds good to me!!! X

  • Cat.....

    Yes gamma knife/radio therapy  I had the frame fitted to my head and then into the machine for the radio therapy treatment 

    The consultant told me that each session of radio therapy works its magic slowly and can take around 1 to 2 years to fully work. The three sessions worked over eight years. 

    Hope that explains 👌


    See above reply to Andy re cake and cuppa 👌😃

  • I have a friend (age 20) who's presently in hospital with a bleed and an AVM so any reports of successful treatment will be very welcome.

    Have a pleasant weekend Jo.  xx

  • Cat, if your friend. needs any help, advice,, chat I'm so happy to be there for her.

    So please tel her that and let me know if I can help thankyou 😃

  • Thanks Jo ; I'll pass that on. It might be a while 'til she's compos mentis, but something she'll no doubt appreciate very much before long.

    She needs to recover from a bleed & coiling procedure, and then to reconcile herself to a caesarean delivery for her baby.  She's upset that a normal birth is now out of the question.    x

  • Yeeeeeees! Fantastic, gamma-knife might be slow, but it works. Love that they call it "obliterated" too.

    With regards to everyone's comments around you, they're just happy/excited for you :)

    Couldn't be happier for you

  • Hi Ben, 

    Thanks.........How are you health wise and how's your new job????

  • Health is pretty meh. Sort of plateaued now. Still deciding if I want to do a postgrad (although I think I've missed my deadline fot it). Job starts on the 20th June!

  • Hi Cindy

    I'm so delighted to hear your great news that you are no longer a ticking time bomb. HUrrah! 😃🤓

    Well done on your patience,this good news has been such a long time coming, and from what I see you have had many challenges to overcome, and will continue to overcome. It's sadly true that many people don't fully understand the sometimes 'Invisible injuries' we have , due to our brain injury. I guess they mean well, but are just  not close enough to it to see the full picture and impact it has on our lives.I can see that you are a fighter ,  I commend you for that strength  , I would also like to encourage you to keep taking one day at a time and stay positive. 

    I'm 5 years since my AVM, and following the first Gamma knife surgery the medics reported it hadn't obliterated the AVM, so I went back for another blast in Sept 15. So I look forward to the day when I too can rejoice in the same good news as you. In the meantime I continue to trust God for my future and thank him for every day that I'm alive. John 3 v 16

  • Thank you for your lovely comments  Smilerdi.  😃 And  I to look forward to rejoicing with you (virtually of course) once you are AVM free. 

    Take care 

    Good health and happiness wished to you always 

    Jo (aka Cindy) 

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