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I hate the way I react t such small things so badly !!!

I assume most of you are the same, but even 20 years on, probably due to my bipolar as well as my head injury, I still react t things so badly.

My bipolar hasn't been a major problem for over 10 years due to the mood stabilizer I take, but the last few months haven't been the best cos I've entered a new phase of my life since moving from Leeds to Oxted & am trying to adjust; especially the last few days.

(If U do have ups & downs btw, ask your doctor about Lamotrogen - it's a mood stabilizer & far better than any anti depressant the doctor's tried me on) .

I won't go into detail but as I think I've mentioned before, my brother, a member of my own family who has seen what I've been through hasn't got a clue, although does think he knows best & I should listen to him.

Luckily once again I have seen the problem and eliminated it (no, I haven't done away with my brother btw ;o). But it has been 3 horrible days.

Do I assume others share this or is this a problem that most of you have yet t come across ???

Just so U know in advance. Everyone's an expert & they all think they know best (well I say everyone, me mum's still compassionate, although this to most is an over protective mum, molly coddling me and at 42 years old I should be back t normal by now, surely ???

Not the way a head injury works unfortunately - if you lose an arm, you can't play tennis anywhere near as well (assuming it's your best arm of course) & 20 years later it still won't be, but at least I now have this site to direct people to, so they can see for themselves.

They'll still think they know best deep down but at least they'll have some idea I suppose.

Anyway good t be back to normal Stace again ;o)

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& this isn't cos I'm self obsessed or anything, but I really would recommend U all look at my profile. Especially the first half - it's upto you if U read about what actually happened to me, but I am here to help & share my experience of 20 years of head injury !!!


Unfortunately Stace a lot of us come across this lack of understanding of BI in all walks of life. It is very hard, especially when your own family don't get it. Some times I think with family it is a sort of denial - they don't want to face how bad it is, so they gee us along etc.

Sorry you've had a bad few days, hope the next few are better :)


Not the next few - forever & a day. Ok realistically until I have arranged t see a neuro psychologist or even better until I see a neuro psychologist & then forever and a day ;o)

That's a really good point - perhaps my brother is in denial, as are my other brother & sister cos they don't seem to understand either & think I can get back t ' normal '.


Some people try to ignore the BI all together and just say it's my age, write lists, of course you remember, you were there weren't you?, omg not again, how many times do I have to repeat this?

Seriously, can you not work this out for yourself? Or my fav... We all forget things, it's no excuse just get yourself organised.

But I told you.

Did I forget any cliches? Are there any other put downs I have overlooked?

No wonder it makes us frustrated occasionally.

I love the tennis player analogy though, I may pinch that for the next time they bring out the put downs...that's if I remember of course.


You missed out 'it's because you are stressed' ! At which point I want to scream I'm stressed because my brain doesn't work properly and you don't understand!!


Waheey, I'm not the only one - nah never thought for a second that I might be ;o)


Sorry but it's been copyrighted !!!

I'll tell U what just for people on the site, I'll waiver the copyright I guess ;o)


You are so good to me :)


You're welcome, it would be unfair to copyright something I nicked off someone else eh ???

Didn't really, it is a Stacey original but I needed a way to explain & thought it a good analogy ;o)



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