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Take a Step Forward in the New Year


Whatever your situation in the new year. We are all at different stages on our individual path. Use the turning of the year to take a deep breath, think on the things you have learnt in the previous 12 months and take a step forward in whatever way you can. It doesn't matter if we do something big or small or just change how we think. The important thing is to be moving forward. Create something positive for now from what you have gone through before. Use the past to affect the future. Best of luck everyone.

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Wise words Obiwan ( sorry i couldnt resist that). But i do mean it , thank you.

I will hold those words close theoughout the coming year.

Take care

Janet xx

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No problem Janet. Our TBI journeys are what surrounds us, penetrates us and binds our universe of shared experiences together- there you have got me doing it now. I couldn't resist either hehehe.

Great forward looking post from you John. Hope that means you're making some headway with your trust. Did the ex-policeman manage to get back to you ?

Wishing you happier days in this new year. xx

Your making a lot of sense I'm stuck in the past when I should be looking forward but at the end of the day I know I can count on the help and support of members of health unlocked for whom I'm in debited to a lot of great people on here and I hope I can help share my experiences with others who need advice! I hope everyone had a great Christmas and looking forward to a new year david 🙏

Great words of wisdom thank you I will also remember your words during this coming new year.

I'm looking forward to doing more networking and learning about myself

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So I am Bexx87. I have spent too long in confusion and fear not being able to process feelings and opinions in an anxious state due to my TBI. Using this online network is helping me feel less isolated. Thanks to you and everyone else for contributing here. An understanding place to share and support each other.

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I've spent Christmas and new year even now feeling unwell and tired :-(

Such a shame that you have gone through this at this time of year. health and other events are timed well and this can make things worse. I suppose this time of year is a chance to think things can improve as the year develops. fingers crossed for you.

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