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I feel like a nuisance posting this, sorry. I suffered a frontal lobe brain injury 10 years ago (much like James Cracknell's if I'm correct. My mum watched a show with him in and said were very similar. Especially in his healing stages) and I suppose I want to help so I wrote a blog it's heavyheaded.blog.com I was 14 at the time so I didn't want to make it personal or formal. Oh it's kinda upside down so it's better to start at the bottom and work up. Thank you so much everyone.

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  • Hi Louis

    Yes James Cracknell did sustain a frontal brain injury so you would have some similar problems as I do also. I just tried to google your blog but it's saying it doesn't exist?? Are you able to post the link for us please?

  • just looked it up and thought I'd share the link with you strawberry

    heavyheaded.blog.com/ hope this works :)

  • Thanks Siobhan for helping me with the link. I will take a look at Louis's blog now. Hope you are still doing ok and enjoying your park running etc.

  • your welcome :)

    I'm not doing to bad, still stressed and been put on meds to stop the chest pains which are helping half the time but they wear off by afternoon time if I take them really early in the morning,

    I've started helping out at the great run local on the sunday which is fun I get to cheer people on and I've been told that if I want to run one week the woman who runs the event has said that she would get someone to run with me because of my BI,

    I'm getting help off the council to get back in to work which the job centre ain't happy with even though when I ask them for help they don't give me any help and tell me I don't need help, I'm just glad I'm getting help from somewhere,

    on a good note I've been put on a creative writing course by the council and they paid for half of the course and I've found a creative writing group that meet up in the library just about a 2 minute walk from my house and that's 2 hours every tuesday so I'm excited about going, but nervous as well, the course doesn't start until january so it will give me some practice beforehand :)

    Hope your well, and I've just remembered that I was going to put congratulations on your post about your on getting that award, I'm sorry I didn't put anything on that post, hope you and your son have been well,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • It is so lovely to read how your life has improved and I can hear the positivity in your words. Am so pleased for you. x

  • Hi amateurwriter Hope you dont mind my asking some questions

    is your course online or is it a local college

    how did you get your council to help u with course and with job finding

    our library in brent none have writing groups for day and evenings i sleep early nor any at night too .

    they tried people dont come

  • Hi Sange, I don't mind anyone asking me questions,

    The writing course is at a library, the local colleges don't do many courses for adults apart from basic ones to get you back in to work,

    The creative writing group I think the library is seeing how many people turn up and if not many then they will cancel it,

    The council was at my house spoke to my mum and she got my name put down for the course otherwise I'd never know about the course,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Thank you for your interest! I don't know if it will but I hope it helps in some way, everyone on here is so great! I'm glad headway told me about it

  • reading your blog can we subscribe

  • Welcome to the site Louis

    I've started a blog as well :) Just read yours and read that you've come a long way, my blog is just a weird blog because I talk about anything and everything, have no structure with it,

    If you have any questions, want a rant/moan and get something off your chest don't worry just post, usually someone on here to help and make you feel better :)

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • Thank you so much! I'd love to read your blog, is it in your bio? I I love the sound of the creative writing group you mentioned!

  • It's not in my bio, I did write a post about it but I'll include a link to my blog, it ain't that good due to not being able to structure what I write, I can write good fiction stories though :)


    Hope this link works,

    Take care,

    Siobhan x

  • subscribed thanks

  • Hi Louis,

    Just had a read and you have come a long way in 10years and all of this stuff takes time it has with me and I'm only 5 months in. I love chatting on here and learning new things so hope to talk to you soon. Have a good evening. N

  • Thank you, I won't be a stranger on here :)

  • Blogs are often/mostly published with the newest entry at the top to save readers having to scroll to find the new stuff so it was not an issue.

    I had a blog where I wrote out my recovery... then I forgot about it and started another...and another...there are probably half a dozen out there somewhere... but a blog is a good place to share your thoughts and experiences ... hopefully people will read them - and you can't throw them away ;)

  • Exactly you can't throw it away! I've just gotta avoid the delete button when I read back through the next day and feel silly :)

  • I am not familiar with the blog.com platform but suspect it will pretty similar to the others, in which case you should have the option to "unpublish" or hide a post if you want/need to. This does not delete it but removes it from the public domain...and of course you can always go back in an edit...

    (I always need to go back and edit because my fingers and brain often to do play nice with each when they near a keyboard and my brain does not allow my eyes to see the mistakes until after I hit the button sending it out into the world... duh!)

    Good Luck with the blog... I loved the thing in your side bar (forgotten what it was but know I loved it ...cheers BI ;) )

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