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Can't advise enough to join a BI group

It's 5 years since my BI . I had quite fast recovery, but not been able to get to meet people. More cos I'm not comfortable making conversation with people I don't know and I'm still on ESA so not able to look for work. I tried going to headway a few years back but they always seemed to cancel things as there wasn't enough interest. Last year I moved area as I pretty much had nothing to lose as didn't see anyone regular. I've tried going on a few courses to get to know people but never ended up keeping in touch with anyone.

In May this year I heard about a man who has set up a BI support group after having BI same year as me so decided to attend to see if it was any good. I can honestly say it's been best thing I've done since my BI. There is a social time every Tuesday and Wednesdays they go to an allotment. Everyone there is lovely and have occasional days out. Been bowling in June and going to a wildlife park in 2 week. It's so nice to meet different people and I for once feel comfortable talking to people there and have a joke with them. Also next month there is a meal I'm hoping to go to. I don't have a clue of area but it will give me a challenge to find my way there. Will be a night so a mate of the man who set group up said he's mates with a taxi driver so going to have word with him to see if he will take me home cheaper after. Everyone else will be out til late like midnight and last train is 9.45 so won't want to leave that much early plus they have said most people will be drinking alcohol so I know I will want to. Hardly drink but like to especially if others are so means I can't drive home that night. Really looking forward to it as man and woman who run group have said they want to relax and enjoy it without feeling they are responsible for anyone so will be nice seeing them have good time.

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Good for you, shame they don't have these groups for everyone!


Yea people running this group does want to set up groups in other areas, but not sure if they will probably not for a while yet. Up to now it's only been running just over a year and they want bigger place as more people are attending. Up to now it's only in place the man lives who set it up.


keeley24 i go to a monthly support group, we have a great time, different speakers, activities etc. there should be one near you as well, great for me because i only go out with my wife now.


It is unfortunate that different headway groups are not fully attended.

I feel luky that our local group have monthly meetings with different things going on . Plus bowling and a weekly coffee morning as well as other things.



The headway I used to go to seemed like they wanted certain amount of people to attend any activity or it got cancelled. That could be why it didn't do much as most people like to test things out and see how it goes. The group I now go to seems to plan things and stick to them however few go. There is like 20+ people who attend most weeks maybe more. In June we had a day bowling, there is limited space as they hire mini bus then 1 or 2 others who work there can take people in car or van. On this one there was 9 who went 2 in their own car as one was in wheelchair. 7 in mini bus 2 where people who run club. So really it was a lot of money for them for just 7 people, but on way back the man said it was good day maybe better as not many went so we had like most of Day with same people rather than having people doing different things.

Another trip this month no idea how many are going I know a few have said they can't get but still going however few go I think.


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