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Would you climb a mountain for me?


Perhaps not, but then I couldnt climb one now either! Our stories all hard, but lets not forget our families in all this. I was left with 1 family member, my daughter. She found it tough following our Fatal Car Crash where I got my SAH Mid Line Shift etc etc, and her papa was killed at the scene. She saw to her dads funeral with No One to help, while wondering if I was going to make it out of the prolonged extraction (2hrs) from our car. The BRAKE booklet helped her enormously and she wants to put something back. She climbed Scotlands highest mountain in memory of her dad (he was a Mountain Leader back in the day). I hope you will read our story, and if you can, support her and the BRAKE Road Safety Campaign, we would be so pleased if you would visit her "just giving" Elaine McPherson page. Such an amazing daughter...



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Maybe this is the correct link ... but then again ... just another one of those effect (sighs) pressandjournal.co.uk/searc...


She absolutely is... Had a wee peek at the p&j article and although my money is in such a dire state just now I can't contribute- I just wanted you and her to know I think you are both amazing and I (for obvious reasons) stayed firmly on the ground the last time I made it to fort William but boy does Ben Nevis look big!Fiona xxx

trishy63 in reply to Hidden

Aww, thank you Fiona. (I'm a weegie by birth :)) .. Dont worry about a financial contribution, a heart one (words of support) is just as valuable to us. Do let us know how your Neurology trip goes, I met many people at Aberdeen Neuro Unit who also waited years to be listened to. So well done on persevering with that journey thus far. xx

Hi Trish and welcome.

How long is it since the accident?

Any time we can help we will but it helps to know where you are on the journey.

Love n hugs


Thank you randomphantoms. I dont know if anyone else has been left with a need for precision? and so much less give (in a give and take sense). For example, the word"accident" implies a random set of chance events that result in an unpredictable set of circumstances causing an event. In our case had the other driver not taken a chance, and not turned into a bend on the wrong side of the road (not glancing us, but full head on), it couCar crash was October 2014, was in patient/out patient, then ld have been predicted that it would cause a head on crash. Insurance industry now uses the word COLLISION as Accident sounds like no fault. I was 2 month inpatient, sent home 3 months, back to work, then inpatient again., released, then rehab for 4 months. Finally got out hospital for good? a year later, October 2015, with carers (as insurers pay for them). The journey? I am on the "is this really the pathetic version of me now" part of it ... Sorry, i do try to stay positive, but apparently its not working ... T x

Hi Trish

Oh yes I totally need clarity and thanks for that.

I was trying to use the least emotive language I could think of because of the amount of trauma you and your daughter have been through.

I defy anyone to stay positive 100% of the time and you are doing much better than average.

Love and hugs to you both


Thank you for persevering Randomphantom, appreciate your thoughtfulness. Being among such helpfulful and patient onliners certainly helps with positivity but also just shared experiences, so glad you're all here. L&H back x

Hi Trishy. Your daughter has shown herself to be an outstanding lady ; you must be enormously proud of the way she coped whilst you were so poorly...............yet having lost her father in the crash.

What trauma our families have faced throughout our brain injuries. My son and daughter held their breath whilst I suffered a SAH then, 6 months later, their father suffered the same fate but, unlike me, didn't survive.

Life can be cruel sometimes but it can be eased by loving and dedicated family. I hope you're coping well (as possible) ; 12 months on from the loss of your husband plus a brain injury isn't long enough for either to have lost their sting, and I wish you all possible good fortune in times ahead.

You certainly have a brilliant ally in your powerhouse of a daughter !

Love & all best wishes to you both, Cat xx

trishy63 in reply to cat3

Thank you Cat, yes my girl can show great strength, and is truly my best friend. I was sad to see your own story, that experience must have been so shocking for you and your own son and daughter. Oh Yes, life can be cruel indeed, but as you say love goes a long way to patch us up again .... T xxx

cat3 in reply to trishy63

Take care Trishy :-/ :-) x

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