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Wishing everybody a Merry Christmas and hope & love for 2014

I haven't been on the site for some time as we have been busy moving 200 miles to live by the sea on the east coast and a temporary home in between houses - a move triggered by the injury when we realised in spectacular fashion that life is just too short. We love our new surrounds and the fact that we can walk to the sea within minutes which is truly calming and spirit lifting.

For all of us, living with brain injury, our lives changed forever. Christmas is different to the ones we knew prior to brain injury but can hopefully still be enjoyed just in a different way.

We continue to adjust to our new normal, forever thankful for my hubby's significant recovery since June 2012 and always learning to cope with the rest. Our new GP reminded us how lucky we are to have made such a recovery in our first visit to him. We try to remember that on not so good days.

We are thinking of all in this community over Christmas and hoping and praying that you all see improvements in 2014 and are able to work within your new normal accepting the bad days as well as the good. One step forward two steps back as it sometimes seem but whilst there are steps forward there is hope, never give up.

Thank you for all of your help through posts and questions and ideas it has been an important part of our new lives - you are very special and amazing people.

Best wishes xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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So very pleased that your move went well and it sounds as though you have moved to a lovely place, which in itself could be just the tonic. I like your expression 'new forever norm' - with your permission I would like to adopt that, if I may. Like you, we are contemplating a move to the country,an area we know very well and I guess for similar reasons to yourselves. My husband made a recovery and I am only too aware that some people don't. It is at this time of year, when perhaps we have some time to reflect, that I think about those families left without their loved ones. So, on the 'not so good days' this helps me to stay positive. I am lucky, I still have my soul mate and for that I am grateful. I wish you and yours a very Happy Christmas. xx


Thank you and I am pleased to hear that you are moving forward and creating your new normal. Of course feel free to use the term, it helped me when I was trying to come to terms with what used to be and recognising that I had to move on to survive.

I can well recommend the move it has been such a tonic for us - fingers crossed for your move to the County. We actually appeared on BBC's Escape to the Country when we were looking for our new home - they were fabulous in dealing with the brain injury, so sensitive but just acting normal too and we got through 4 solid days filming without a hitch and with many laughs.

Merry Christmas to you and your hubby too and all the best for a positive 2014 together. xxxxx


Thank you. We are 'old hands' at the ABI thing. It's more than 20 years since my husband contracted encephalitis but it is only recently that the effects have forced early retirement from his employment.

I watch Escape to the Country so I may have seen you! Small world! Pleased to hear it was such a positive experience. Did you opt for one of the properties they found on the programme?

We will be settling in the Scottish Borders. We are lucky as we have friends and family in the area too.

Take care. xx


Wow great news to hear that 20 years on you are still going strong - what hope you give to many. Sorry to hear about the retirement - but if it is retirement that enables the move it has its positive side too. If it hadn't been for an enforced redundancy I doubt that we would be here.

We appeared on Escape to the Country on 29th August and our search focussed on the North Norfolk coastline. We almost went for the mystery house but decided that 4 miles from the sea was too far and that the original downsizing idea wasn't going to work for us - we like the space since the accident so that we can both escape to our own worlds when we have a tough day or when there are too many guests. We are in the village where we viewed a house though, just a different house.

Scottish borders are stunning - how lovely to be relocating there - I hope you find what you want. As it is the big move hold out for what you want - we did and we are very happy. In less than two minutes we are in either the village or on the seafront. the neighbours have been so welcoming and friendly as have other locals. We have only been here for a few weeks and looking forward to welcoming our children and my mom here over the coming weeks to share it with them.

You take care too and enjoy - follow your hearts. xxxxx


That is so kind of you. Norfolk is not a place I know but it sounds as though you have made a good choice and by the sea too. We already have the house. For me it has been like having a life size dolls house. It is almost furnished - no curtains or blinds!! So, it is just the timing. I think we will try to make the move in late spring/early summer. You know what it is like trying to make plans!?!

Enjoy your new adventure and sharing your new life with your friends and family.



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