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Dont you love it when a plan doesn't come together !!!!

Oh what a good day today was going to be.

I had decided to take a drive up into the peak district and breath in some nice cold air. I dont know why but it seemed a plan.

I had decided this at the weekend but chose monday as it wouldn't be as busy.

Then saturday the rear number plate fell off my car.....dont ask how because I aint got a clue. It was there when I set off. Then a very nice chap tapped on my window at traffic lights to tell me of its absence.

Followed by three more abliging drivers.....yes I got the message !!!!!!

So this morning .....on the way to the peak district I called into the dealership to see about a replacement.

"No worries " said the salesman " two minute job".

I should have turned and ran for the hills.

Two minutes......two minutes. There I was two HOURS...... yes hours later still sat in a freezing dealership waiting for them to attatch said number plate.

Eventually the salesman went to " check" on progress.

He returned " ermm they couldn't find the car"

Well I couldn't resist. "you mean the bright yellow one ....the one without a rear number plate....or even the one the front plate that matched the one in their hand"

He didn't get my humour but did go and attatch the new plate. It took him about a minute.

So feeling freezing and totally peed off. ( oh how I could have done with one of Barons tension rods, I did consider a trip to Dunhelm ). I abandoned the peaks and headed home. Maybe the end of the week in time for the snow.

Feeling calmer now.


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A tension rod can also be used to whack irritating people. There are no end to it's uses.

Or a baton to pretend you're a conductor.

Or an aid to stirring.

Or a pogo stick for the active hamster.

Seriously, Dunelm are missing a trick...


Hi Baron.

Ooooohhh how I wish I had a tension rod that day.

Think I may visit Dunhelm and stock up on them . I may even tell them of your rocommndation.



A whole army of them.

Pax, in those situations, I generally find that any kind of stick suffices 😉


Pax! How awful! I take it they gave you the replacement on the house and gave you a free valet too? If it is a no you should name and shame the dealership. And write and complain.


Hi Malalatete.

Unfortunateley just had car cleaned ( it was told that could be reason for it falling off).

I wasnt charged but then the car is only about a month old.

I think it was a case of to many people having nothing to do and not passing on information.

It will be interesting when it goesin for service.



Mmmmm me thinks the dealer was a lyin.


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