Happy days

I'm the brain damaged one, that is clear. Aaaaaaaand...

The Baroness had to visit the local hospital yesterday as her upper back went into spasm. She's currently smacked off her baps on a mixture of diazepam and cocodamol. For a minimum of three days.

The oldest mini Baron had foot surgery two weeks ago on BOTH feet and has both lower legs in casts. The youngest mini Baron is a documented handful at the best of times for a variety of reasons. Aint life grand. I guess I'll try not to be to be too fatigued for a week. Either that, or top myself


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  • Take your mind off things for a while then!

    Won't it be great when all goes back to what resembles normality X


  • Good luck with everything, hope everything comes back to some kind of normality soon xx

  • ouch! i have a dodgy back! get well soon baron clan! and if you need it draft in extra help xxx hugs

  • Andy, do you think they are working on the next episode in your memoirs?

    I hope they and you all feel well and better soon Shirley x

  • Something is conspiring against me, yes! 😊

  • Got your hands full then Andy ! Well at least the stew weather's arrived, so pile all those root veg. into a pan with a few oxos and enjoy. J can sit & peel the veg and H can wash the dishes later.

    Seriously though ; I hope things improve for all of you ASAP. :o xx

  • That first paragraph was a foreign language, feel free to translate one day :)

  • OK, maybe a bit ambitious but worth a try. Ready-meals then is it ?? x

  • I make a mean lasagne, even if I do say so myself. And my homemade chicken Balti and fried rice is famous (at least in our palace) however the kids wont touch either of them, so plenty more for the adults! :)

  • You do have your hands full! At least it is not half term😄. Perhaps you can sneak a diazepam into little baron to keep the peace (only joking😄). Hopefully MEDS for Mrs Baron will kick in soon, and normal service will be resumed. Xx

  • Oooh, you have a good idea there...

  • Sounds like fun! When is your half term? We have our just now.

    I hope you will manage to feed the troops and water them, they have more than enough love to go around and as long as you have a roof over your head, then nothing else matters.

    So it's Nurse Baron for a wee while then!

  • I'll be honest, I've no idea when half term is, I dread it too much...

  • Andy.....I have ataxia in my left leg and the leg decided to kick the sofa 😜 resulting in a broken toe. It's been a right royal pain in the **** for the past two weeks.

    And I wondered nurse Baron 🔋if are you taking on more patients, 😷

    or is Lincoln Curfew General full 😛

  • Curfew General is FULL, for weeks. Sorry :)

    Though I am taking private patients

  • Hi Andy

    Aww shucks. Looks like you have a lot of managing to do. You may want to book a holiday or a week in bed when things level off again.

    does the NHS in your area have extra supplies of plaster set aside for the curfew clan?

    Seriously though I'm sure you will cope. Good luck and lots of lovenhugs to you all


  • So...is there anyone left to get broken? 😮 you don't have a cat or dog, do you?

    Seriously though, sounds like a total nightmare. Hope you are back to your version of normal rapidly and prayers for health and wholeness for the lot of you winging your way from my little crash pad for the day in Lincoln Central Library. X

  • Curfew the cat is healthy, touch wood!

    Ooh, you're very local today, I am but three miles away

  • Had a 'mum's lunch' @ Sessions House so decided it wasn't worth hoofing it back home after dropping the boys off at the Cathedral, might as well have a bit of R&R sat with a good book!

    Recommend the lunchtime deal at the Sessions though. Superb food today, 3 courses, and there was a 2 for 1 deal on so it only cost £4.75 a head! Unbelievable value. You do have to book though.

  • Ah, very nice too. Never been there myself, we really must try it. Thanks for the tip :)

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