Barons and Magna Cartas

Barons and Magna Cartas

Yesterday myself and the Baronial family did the 'Baron Trail' in Lincoln. 25 statues of different Barons representing the original 25 who signed the Magna Carta with King John. As luck would have it the youngest mini baron's summer homework is to write a little project about the Magna Carta.

Being a Baron myself, the project struck a chord (:D) and so we walked the three miles and took a pic at each Baron of myself and mini Baron striking a different pose. I think you know what my next thread will be, should anyone care enough to see more :)

24 left...

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  • That's great. In Bristol we have had similar historic figures over recent years such as Shaun the sheep, grommit - both of Ardman design (wrong trousers etc) and to start it off gorillas (Bristol zoo influence I think!)

    They are each sponsored and coloured to a design then auctioned at the end with money going to Bristol children's hospital

    Happy hunting!

  • Wonderful Andy, I miss these kinds of trips, kids are too big now, and all left home! Looks like a good day xxxx Janet

  • It was great, we loved it. Stopped for a spot of lunch, plenty of laughs. Good fun

  • You inspired me to check out the Pennine Way, I didn't realise you could book holidays walking the Pennine Way. Had a brilliant idea to pop this on the holiday list for when hubby retires, walking I can may take us 3 years of holidays to achieve the whole length, but I'm so excited already 😃

    Such a child!

  • Ooh,nice! I quite fancy that myself!

  • Me too. The Pennine way virtually passes my door & I've cycled about 20 miles in the past. Keep meaning to get back to it but balance is still an issue.

    It's so worth considering though ; beautiful scenery and pub grub every few miles. xx

  • And if you book a holiday with someone, can't remember the names of the companies, found 2, they do all the booking and even move your luggage so it's waiting for you at the next stop, bonus 😃

    Really will do this xxxx Janet

  • Awwww how cute Andy! What a great idea, beats children playing computer games, texting and watching television!

    Emma :)

  • Indeed it does! I couldn't agree more. The finger swiping ceased, just for a day :D

  • Love the cabbage helmet ! Nice to see some cheery photos for a change ; keep them coming please Andy. xx

  • Next one tomorrow, remind me if I forget :)

  • Certainly will. ;-) x

  • such nice pics! glad you all had fun

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