Marathon, not Snickers

Marathon, not Snickers

So, later in the year or more likely next year, myself and the Baroness are planning on raising a few quid. Myself for Headway and the Baroness would like to in aid of Alzheimer's Research as her own Gran currently has no idea who she is or how to use a toilet.

After our weekend in Rutland earlier this year, our initial plan is to walk the perimeter of the reservoir, which as luck would have it is precisely 26 miles, a full marathon. I guess my question is this. Is that enough of an achievement to merit sponsoring? Just asking...

The 'aching just thinking about it' Baron

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  • Absolutely Andy, I'm willing to sponsor,. Rutland is where I did that 500 mt open air swim, lovely places


  • I knew you'd be first! :) Thanks for the support, I'm genuinely looking forward to doing it

  • Definitely Andy, I'd be more than happy to sponsor you too. Both are causes close to my own heart anyway.

    Good for you ; both !! :-/ xx

  • Aww, bless ya, thanks a lot x

  • Hi both,

    Are you intending to walk it all in one go ? If so, how long do you reckon it might take ? Flat or undulating ? (My terrified muscles are cringing at the thought ! ) Both great charities that I would want to help x

  • Thank you, very kind! Yeah, we'll do it in one long trot really. Start out early and walk til we drop, or finish :)

  • Good lord yes, walking 26 miles is going to at best take 9hrs thats a long day or even long two days!

    Looks flat on the map with rest places and very pretty, oddly though I can ride long distances my walking has always been worse since and as I tire my balance and speed both drop dramatically, to the point of taking a good hour to cover 1 mile.

    I used to do some of these things pre I don't have the head space left at the moment to do so maybe in a year or two.

  • go for it!

  • Oh my word yes! It would be a massive achievement and I would be happy to sponsor the both of you. My f-in-l died recently from Alzheimer's. He got pneumonia from getting food in his lungs.

    It is a distinct possibility that my oh will also get it as it runs in the male side of his family.

  • YES it is how brave and I will sponsor.

    Avoid using Just Giving as they charge big fees to charities Virgin Money is better.

  • Tried to reply earlier and got bounced into somewhere horrible in the ether...trying again....!

    Yes definitely sponsor-able. And what a nice place to do it (better than the other local option of the sea bank between Boston and Skeggy). Might even bring the boys along as a cheering-on party for you! (Notice how adeptly I avoided actually joining in there.......)

  • Aww, bless your heart, we have fans! :)

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