I've had my orders ;)

I've had my orders ;)

sooooo on Saturday I had the privilege of meeting Mr Baron but not just that I was honoured to be taking pictures of their beautiful wedding it was sooo lovely thankyou so much for having me it was so lovely meeting you all and thankyou for introducing me to a beautiful place tooooo :) so here's the 1st sneak peek of 1 of their wedding pics :) unless you spy on my facebook page then you see more :D

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  • Not only did you take the pics, you added to the occasion too. It was fabulous, and thank you x

  • awww I have to say it was the loveliest wedding I have done so simple and lovely :D hope the pub lunch was nice ;) lol

  • We're simple folk :)

  • nothing wrong with that :) id do a hundred wedding like that than a big massive 1 :) i even shed a few tears :)

  • It was a good day wasn't it. Even I welled up when I saw my lovely wife :)

  • yes was lovely :)

  • Congratulations :)

  • Wonderful, I can't say more xxxxxx :-D

  • Can't wait to see and hear more about the happy day.

  • PS I assume both turned up and said I do?

  • Love and congratulations to you both. ;-) xx

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