Mother of a Baron

Mother of a Baron

First it was a rumour, a myth. Baron Curfew, in folklore was found by a wolf and raised by sparrows in a forest somewhere south of Greater Sleaford (the 'Greater' was dropped when it became clear that Sleaford is a tad dull). None of it was true, the story had been elaborated year after year by the townsfolk who were mystified by the arrival of a Baron to their humble town.

It soon transpired that not only was the story about the good Baron wildly inaccurate, but that he also had a mother! Unbelievable, yet true. And, AND that the said mother wasn't a myth and was in fact born in 1935, thus she became 80 years old yesterday.

And lo, the Baron realised he was old when he realised the age of his good mother :)

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  • Pleased to meet your mum, I like to see the glass in hand😀 Happy Birthday to her and many more of them.

    That makes you how old? You'll not catch up to me 'though xx

    Janet xx

  • Looks like your mum had a special day. Lovely lady. :-) xx

  • Fab, looks like she is having a good day

  • Happy birthday yesterday to yooooo,

    Happy birthday yesterday to yooooo,

    Happy birthday, dear Mrs Mother of our Baron....

    Happy birthday tooooo yoooooooou!

    Sorry it is the singer in me. Can't resist.

    Hope you had a fab time togerher.

    And btw Sleaford is positively buzzing these days. Just quietly... ☺

  • I love Sleaford really, I used to live in Ruskington and would live there again in a heartbeat

  • Swap you! I could do 2ith a des res in Lincoln for the next few least till youngest son's voice breaks!. Saying that, I do enjoy my to-ing and froing on the old choo-choo. And my daily excuse to frequent the teashops of the city whilst I kill the odd hour before the next one leaves. What's not to enjoy? Although it was f f f f.... freezing cold this morning.

  • Aah, happy days. Many was the hour I stood on Ruskington train station platform. Wish I'd never left to be honest. Introduced the Baroness to the beck and the ducks in the Summer and she loved it too

  • Woo hooo! I love a good birthday cake!

    Hello Baron Curfews mum! I do hope you enjoyed your birthday.

    I'm looking forward to my birthday celebrations on Friday! We're both librarians 😉

    Nurse Baron, how are you patients? I hope they are all well on their way to top health. 💊😷💊😷😊😊

  • Hope the The honarable Dowager had a good 80th birthday 🍰

    Also, hope you Baron are taking your nurse duties seriously and looking after your good lady and the munchkins 😜

  • Lovely photo Happy Birthday Baron Mother many happy returns thanks for sharing happy occasion.

  • lovely, I was found under a gooseberry bush planted in the sand, according to my grandmother decades ago, and still am scrabbling about trying to find my way.....

    I Wish your mum a Very Happy Birthday - love hugs to her.... Shirley

  • At least email a slice or three of the cake ..... Happy Birthday indeed.

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