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Nice to see a nurse smile

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Yep 10 weeks pass so quickly and it was time for my hormones injection again. I dont mind these........ok I hate these, but why does the nurse have to smile so much whilst giving them.

Then she will turn to me and say " that was tuff going" .Errr hate to complain but try being on the other side of the needle.

Yes I am a whimp when it comes to injestions. Tried overcoming this pre bi by being a blood donor....that didnt work as well. So here I am hating needles and my consultant decides that I can have my hormones via injection.

I dont know if anyone else hss these and I would like to know what they think of them and also how BIG a whimp I am.

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Just steroid injections for me every 6 months but I've never had a problem with needles, so not an issue for me.

My niece once discharged herself from hospital though rather than have blood taken for tests. I hear it's quite a common problem (called Trypanophobia)

Can you not ask for either the patch or oral alternative ?


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cat3 in reply to cat3

Oh but regards your point about nurses smiling Paxo ; I suppose there are sadists in all walks of life !! :O xx

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Afraid patch and tablets are not suitable. I used to use a gel. Trouble was I would apply it in the morning but forget and do it before a shower. Plus on holidays I couldnt use the pool.

So injections is the pnly way. the problem seems that the hormone has to be mixed with a serum ( think thats the word) and its this that causes the problem. This serum is like treacle abd makes the delivering of the injection hard work for the nurse. Not much fun for me also.

It also seems to agrivate the nerve for a day or two causing a sharp pain when I walk.

Thankfully this is the only major side effect so I am gratefull.

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cat3 in reply to paxo05

Can the site not be numbed with a local anaesthetic (finer needle & quicker) or an anaesthetic cream ?

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paxo05 in reply to cat3

The needle site is not the problem. They have to thread needle into muscle and seems to effect the nerve. Strange thing is its the only time I can feel anything in my leg ...pity its pain

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It sounds really unpleasant ; not like a standard injection at all.

I'm sorry to hear you've no feeling in your leg. I knew you'd had nerve damage but not the full extent of the injury.

All I can suggest is a swig of whisky like in the cowboy movies !! :O

Take care Paxo. xxx

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paxo05 in reply to cat3

Thanks Cat. Its just thigh and base of foot thats numb. Strange but hey why be uncomplicated. Just having a moan but thought it was funny that the nurse smiled and commented how hard a task it was yet it was me that was having the injection.

Good thing about memory problem is you soon forget. Plus benefits are worth it. Hope you to are well.

Its only an injection.

I was in China and had to have 3 stitches and she never even numbed the area.

The trick is to just relax and it doesnt hurt as the needles are so fine these days

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paxo05 in reply to spideyman

Its not really the needle rather than its contents that are painful. Really just me being a wimp.

i have two tatoos so no fear of needles! but i can see its not nice if you need jabbing reguarly

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paxo05 in reply to razyheath43

Dont find tatoos a problem which is strange really. Got two myself and cant say I minded.

It was the fear of needles that put me of having any then after the first one thought I had cured phobia with needles but no. Didnt mind tatoo so had another done. Must admit they are not large tattos so that may make a difference.

I dont regularly have to have anything of that nature but a wee while ago I had to go have an injection of cortisol as I had a really bizarre result whilst undergoing some clinical trials so it needed checking out. Just another injection I thought. Didn't think much of it at all in fact.

If I had not have been able to see the nurse with the little needle in my upper arm I would have sworn he was using a screwdriver or a hand drill. If I hadn't have known what he was doing and why, it would have been quite possible my elbow would have made contact -at speed- with his head, and my shoe with his delicate regions. I have never felt anything quite like it. It made the lady opposite me cry. If that is what you go through regularly Paxo then no, you aren't a wimp at all - it blxxdy well HURTS!

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paxo05 in reply to malalatete

I was told they are ONLY like having cortisol injections. Pity I didnt know what they were like. Its also the feeling after as well.

Now I know why I have them in top of buttock I cant punch them !!!

I posted this wondering if any others had to have them but it looks like I am the only lucky one.

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cat3 in reply to paxo05

Well, as I said earlier, I don't have a problem with needles but now cortisol has been mentioned it's reminded me of a very painful injection I has for a frozen shoulder many years ago.

The cortisol was injected into my shoulder joint. The pain was horrific, and the doctor apologised throughout because the injection took several minutes and the needle looked like a pantomime one !!

It actually brought a flood of involuntary tears to my eyes which I was told is quite usual.

So I can now empathise a bit more now Paxo, and I certainly would be complaining if that were a regular procedure.

You're definitely not a wimp !! xxx

yeah tatoos are slighlty differant in pain terms,mine are small but got bigger ones planned!

I have injections for contrast when they do MRI to check progress of tumour and never bothered me much.

I tend to look the other way and do my best to relax the arm or what ever they're gonna stick a pin in as it seems the more I relax the less it hurts.

Mind you I come from an age where when young the needles were re-used and re-sharpened (unsucessfully in my opinion) so the modern one use, super sharp pins are a joy in comparison.

Way back I had to have two injections of anti-biotics every 6 hours for three days into my buttocks and the stream of meds down the leg were worse than the needle.

I am sure lot of the nurses would stand back and throw the needle like a dart, twice each time, just to see me jump but there was a little Thai nurse that after the first jab used to just swap syringes on the same needle leaving it in place and the only nurse that could get the needle in without pain in the first place.

Not a joy to recieve but usually far better than the consequences of not having them.

Kind thoughts


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