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A bit under the weather today

Yesterday evening I was coughing quite a bit, it was like one of those coughing fits you get when you have a particle of dust on the back of your throat, I hate that.

Anyway, the next morning, this morning, I was still coughing lots and my chest felt tight.

For most of the day, I have been drinking turmeic and ginger teas or just turmeric or just ginger. Hopefully I will wkae up feeling a lot better.

Toward the afternoon, I put half an onion on my chest. I know, you will end up smelling like a caserole but onions and garlic are great for absorbing bacteria.

I have my Headway group tomorrow so I hope I awake feeling good cos I want to go. No matter if I don't, it is not the end of the world is it.

I don't like to take many medicines prescribed from the chemist as I have lost a lot of trust in them.

Also, my tight chest has got a little looser over the course of the day, so the natural remedies are obviously working.

My Dad is so negative about these things, he would rather go to the chemist. Good luck to him then haha.

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I have to concentrate when I eat or things go down the wrong way = into where I breathe. I keep sneezing in the eves now,no idea why!


Is that since your BI Muddled (food going wrong way) as it was one of the first problems I noticed after my SAH. I suppose it's failure of the brain to properly engage the appropriate muscles for swallowing and it can be pretty scary when it happens & causes coughing & choking.

And the sneezing also has become a regular thing, but only since the SAH.

Maybe the sneezing is a result of damaged nerves ?? Trying to research these things is like opening a can of worms so I often resort to guesswork. :o


Yes Cat, since ABI. And clicking when I swallowed and inside throat damaged BAD, hurt so much at start and infection flare-ups but GP ignored. Ended up going to A&E after a year of trying to be believed and AT LAST: a real doctor who looked down = yes very infected and explained the clicking.Felt SO good to know, NOT crazy, NOT imagining it as 3 GPs, 2 lots of counsellors and psychiatric nurse all tried to make out.

GP NOT happy when I went to see him after, I was ANGRY = finally was told bit of truth. He not happy ONE bit, very odd. Replays still now. He'd refused to investigate/refer me urgently for neuro for months and I waved letter from London hospital at him telling him to refer me. Oddly though doc from London hospital wrote her neuro tests/results were all normal when they weren't - I found out later when I read up on them. Tried to tell her about my brain and throat,told her GPs/hospital local ignoring and lying but she too scared to help coz I said medical errors/accident? Wouldn't whistleblow for me. Nor her superior who she went to ask questions/advice from, didn't see him but a bloke apparently. Dunno why HE didn't check me out?

You sneeze too? Could be loads of things, don't think neuro or related but dunno, no idea what at mo! Not serious so doesn't matter?


In 2000, I had an op and in the meeting I had before the op, I told the surgeon that I cough, splutter, choke when I eat or drink and the surgeon asked me to give a cough.

So I did and she told me that when I awake from the op, I will have a chest infection. She could tell that all from a cough!

Anyway, I told my family this and they tol me to stock up on vitamin C. So I did and after the op, I did not have a chest infection :).

It just goes to show that docs are not always correct.


Hope you'll feel much better tomorrow Matt & make it to your Headway meeting.



Thanks Cat :).

Well, I won't be going to my Headway meeting, that is for sur but hopefully I start to feel better and better as the day goes on :).


Just getting over a minger of a virus myself,tried to push through but ended up off work on 2 days bedrest.Aided by steroid inhaler,supplements,orange juice and the odd beechams powder when unbearable I seem to now be on the mend.Don't fancy a couple of onion halves on my chest though-would look like a Madonna promotion for vegetarianism !

Feel better soon,Matt : )


Thanks Angela :).


My son is off this week with a cough and low peak flow. Should be 345-370 and his was 220-250. He has been given steroids to take so hopefully he will be better for school next week.

I used Vicks on his feet at night and I use menthol crystals when I get a cold like that.


I did use a bit of Vicks last night. I forget abou putting it on your feet though. I know you can do that with onions, put a slice on the bottom of your feet. The onion can enter the meridians of your body that way and help clear an infection quicker, I suppose that is similar with putting Vicks on your feet.

I put onions on my feet the last time I was ill and it worked well, this time around I just put the onion on my chest. It worked a bit but not brilliantly.

Thanks for mentioning the menthol,crystals though. I have not heard of those before. Just ordered some :).


Hi Matt,

I like natural remedies as well but care needs to be taken if you are on any other prescription meds. Some naturals can seriously affect or interact with prescription meds, sometimes disastrously. A noteable example is St. Johns Wart.

I know you've lost faith in chemist but talking to a pharmacist (NOT the counter staff) can often be enlightening and very worthwhile.

Recon it must have been all that night fever and talcum getting up the old airways, either that or getting too cold exposing all that flesh in such a 'Motown' shirt... ;-)

Bestest and hope you are feeling beter soon.



Hi Geoff and thanks :).

Thnkfully I do not have to take any prescription drugs. But I shall keep in mind what you said anout mixing prescription drugs with natural remedies. It sounds like mixing drink and drugs.

It could have been the talcum or the exposure of flesh but it could also have been the fact that one of the members of our group had the same illness and passed it on to me :).

Take care,



Hi Matt

I am so sorry you have had a bad cough. It sounds like you are getting on top of it now. Well done for your natural treatments! 😃😃😃


Hi Nutkin and thanks :),

Natural treatments are the way to go... At times that is. I feel good in myself, I just have a bad cough and have been a bit feverish.


Hi I Matt

Do you grounds the onions down in the way a garlic is crushed ? Hope you feel better soon. This maybe why you had nose bleeds earlier in the week when you were blowing your nose .


Hi Sem,

I just cut in the onion in half or cut a slice off,or rather my mum does. She does not ground it but I think it still works even if it was grounded.

When my Mum was little her Nan used to put an onion paste on her chest whenever she was ill.

Thanks :). I feel a bit better than yesterday. I am drinking a hot toddy right now :).

The nose bleeds I have had on and off for ages now. I'm thinking the nose bleeds may be caused by plucking the hairs from my nose haha.

The hairs in the left nostril tend to sprout out quite quickly and instead of trimming them with a trimmer, I sometimes yank them out. It is usually my left nostril that bleeds so I think I should stop yanking them out now :).


I trim my other half's nosehairs for him -they get so long I joke that they could steer the car for him ! At the very least they must dangle in his pint ,bless im : )

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Matt, how are you today ?


Hi Jules,

I feel more like myself today, quite bright eyed and bushy tailed but still have a horrible cough companied by mucus in the back of my throat, not nice.

How are you doing?


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