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A nice break

Just got back from a weeks hols feeling sort of chilled. Looking ar pics think it was a good hol. Its a pity you have to use an airport to fly abroad. Think it was ok on the way out, but was left in the bus from the plane to airport for about fifteen mins ( it felt like hours). I think it was the heat as I didnt think I was claustraphobic. Nearly threw a wobbly and ended up having to wait a while before driving home. On the up side ended up having a costa which I hadnt had all week ( was in withdrawal). Hate airports , even medication only makes them just managable. Just looking forward to remembering the holiday. Thats one bonus of my bi , I get to revisist my hols a second time.

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Glad you enjoyed your break away...

You said

"Thats one bonus of my bi , I get to revisist my hols a second time."

Sorry I don't get this at all...can you explain what it means?


Sorry to be confusing. My short term memory is a little strange. I usually can remember what I have done during a day but aftera day or two I cant seem to remember anything that has happened. Then after a few weeks I start to be able to remember. I know this is confusing because it confuses the hell out of me.

I was told to think of my memory as though I had a secretary in my head ( stay with me it may not be as strange as it sounds...honest).

First my memories are made and placed in the in tray to be filed. IfI need them instantly the secratary can find them.

They are then picked up and filed in a cabinet. This takes about a week or two for the secratary to do this. These to are easy to find also after they are filed

Hopefully you are still with me. Unfortunately whilst the secratary is holding them the cannot be found. Hence no memory.

I seem to be able to make memories but just misplace them for a while.

hopefully this explains how at the moment I cant remember last week but will relive the memory once it returns.

This took a lot of time to adjust to but now its just part of my life. Hope this explains it for you.


Thanks for taking the time to explain. That makes perfect sense...and leaves me feeling slightly envious.

My 'secretary' takes my would-be memories as soon as they are made and puts them straight in the shredder.


Mine was like that steaight after my bi. But with a bit ( well a lot ) of cognitive therapy and time I sacked her and got a slightly better secratary. Dont always remember everything but with a few prompts I get there. I hated having to borrow other peoples memories of events instead of my own. Keep at it and it gets a easier ....hopefully.


It'll be nine years in August (had to get the calculator out for that one lol) and I think we would all be very surprised if my capability for memory suddenly started coming back now... I think it would be very strange indeed.

I do get the odd false memory - that's a whole heap of fun its like trusting your accountant to do your tax returns and then getting the IR turn up to arrest you for false accounting... Honest to goodness the way people react when they find out the story you told in good faith was a false memory is amazing...

Still at least this BI stuff isn't boring ;)


Have same problem with false or borrowed memories. Have watched family holisay films and I would swear I can remember being there even though I havent. It took me about six years to sort out my memory to what it is now.

I find the best fun is forgeting that you cant do something.......oh what fun.


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