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Ever had one of days and it's not even 9pm

It's very rare I have a proper sleep ie. During the night for 8 hours like "Normal" people. I love the Sun as I think I may have SAD because I really do get depressed in the Autumn and Winter month's and that was before I became ill (Or as I tell people when I was alive!) So this morning I woke up about 7.30 the Sun shining, the Birds singing and watching them from my bedroom window in the bird bath. My World seems a better place. So I decided to make a coffee have breakfast and not waste the day. So I decide to water all my bedding plants which are in my bedroom in pots growing on until they can go outside. I grow almost all of them from seed and when the garden is in full bloom I have a wonderful sense of achievement. As I moved a plant I knocked the pot next to it and it fell and sent soil everywhere. All over my clothes and the carpet. I thought not to worry, I collected my clothes gave them a shake outside and put them in the washer and I thought I will be able to put them outside to dry today. I then went into the garden and the weather is beautiful. I decided to water the hanging baskets. I took one off the hook put it on the floor to water it as that is easier for me these days. And me being stubborn and hating to ask for help I tried to put the basket back on the hook, it is quite heavy for me now. I thought it was on but it was not BAM as it hit the floor covered me in soggy soil. I had to strip off and get a shower. Now lying on my bed drying off it seems like the Sun has gone and in my world it's about to snow!!!

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As the good song says " things can only get better "


Poor lad ! Sometimes I have disasterous days where I seem to make more work for myself rather than achieve.Your garden sounds fab-would love to see some photos in its glory : )



Hi again, Jim.Just found this on the net,remember my neighbour had a couple of these-might help with the hanging basket problem.Angela x


Thanks x


Hi Jimbo,

You have so much more patience than me! I'd have gone loopy after the first incident and thrown the pots out the window. Then have an energy drop and collapse in a heap.

I so know what you mean though about not asking for help. Giving up total indepdance is probably the hardest thing to do. I can't do it even now.

I keep getting told off by the neuropsychologist I'm seeing (last visit next Monday). SHe keeps telling me I'm doing too much and build in breaks etc. etc. and 'you can't expect to do anything near as much as you did when Iyou were working. Brain changes cause fatigue, end of. You have to learn to pace' etc etc. 60+ hours a week over 5 days to nothing makes me feel such a burden on everyone.

Still as they say I wake up and thats first battle sorted hte rest take as it may. Doesn't stop me getting angry and fed up though.

Hope your wrong about the snow though I've got all the doors and windows open and have to go exercise the dogs soon.

Take care.



You definitely don't do 'nothing', Geoff.Taking out poochies alone takes a goodly amount of energy.Then there's all the basic stuff like getting up,washed,dressed,personal care-all stuff we took for granted before we got ill.Add to that any drinks,meals,med taking.Heck,just being awake and aware takes a noticeable amount of energy these days- I think you'll know what I mean ! Anything else is a bonus some days ! I wish I could pace better too but sometimes unexpected needs exceed energy - you can't plan for everything.

Pace,accept help when needed ( it's nice to be offered ! ) and be nice to plants- remember ' Day of the Triffids ' ! !

Take care, Ex Superwoman Angela x


Thank you so much for your supportive reply Angela it's much apreciated. Just feeling a bit low at the moment. Doesn't normally get to me this much but hey I guess we asll hit the wall from time to time.

After watching 'Day of the Triffids' I could never look at greenery in the sameway again. Didn't walk on grass for months ;-)

Once again many thanks, Geoff x


"only 9m" - pretty much my normal bedtime these days - sometimes 8...... And that's progress from 7pm Nov/Dec time.

I try not to judge myself against what I "used to be" - this is the new me who loves her bed / sleep .

Hope today is better for you :-)


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