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One of 'those' days!

Omg, if I ever needed proof that my memory is getting bad again! I went shopping in Waitrose, sat outside while I drank my coffee, pottered to the bank then walked down the road to the car. Usually I am in able to get a parking space on the high street but I was able to today so I decided I would have a wander into a lovely antiques shop which has a lovely cafe.

I had coffee and a scone and had a look around the shop. I then went into a panic cos I couldn't find the shopping bag I had from Waitrose. I then proceeded to retrace my steps so walked all the way back to the bank then Waitrose who told me to check with the centres security. After that I went back to Waitrose to buy more bread and milk. I then went all the way to where I usually park and remembered I had parked near the library so had to walk all the way back. By this time it had started to rain ☔️ On walking back to the car I thought I would put my shopping into the car before going back to the antiques shop to give them my mobile number and not my home phone. Went to put the shopping in the boot and there was the other bag. Never mind, I suppose I got some more exercise.

Anyway, I hope you are having a nice day!

Feeling frazzled!

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Sorry, it was tough, not easy to be reminded of one's difficult life. Take care pal xx


Not just those with bi's that do these things. I remember once leaving work with a friend and we walked 1 mile home as we'd just missed the bus, moaning all the way about the awful rain. When we got to her house we remembered - her car was parked by our office!

I left the baby and the dog at the local shop once! Now I can call it a 'senior moment' but i don't know what my excuse was in those days!

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Something similar happened to me a few months ago left my mobile in the doctors , had to retrace my steps to find it .absolutely hated the experience as I'm Never without my mobile 😏

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Ha, I did that years ago too. I had a white jacket that was just right i.e. Thin enough to wear everywhere cos I hate being hot. I took my son to the orthodontist to have braces fitted and two years later on his last visit to have them removed, I saw it hanging on the coat rack! Lol.

Jackets are my usual thing to leave behind. I am usually too hot to wear one but carry one just in case it rains. I am good at leaving them behind probably about eight by now. Hey ho 😂




I'm exactly the same with coats/jackets Dawn, and for the same reason (overheating). I've lost track of how many I've left behind but, thankfully, always managed to track them down eventually. :o

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I had something similar when I was cooking as part of my way to re-establish my skills. As I was preparing the vegetables, I came to the point where the recipe required celery but when I looked in the cupboard we had none.

My wife took me to Lidls to get some. At the time things like shopping were still a challenge, so she sat in the car while I went in. I came back and put the things in the boot my asked if I remembered the celery. My face was as blank as my memory. She said she would get some on the return journey. As you can guess when she put it with the rest of the groceries a nice bunch of celery was their in the bag.

When we got back, we unloaded the shopping and my wife made a point of placing the celery on the counter top where I was preparing vegetables only to see a pile of neatly cut celery :-(

It took a while to live down my OCD - Obsessive Celery Disorder

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I particularly liked the OCD, made me chuckle at the end of an exhausting day at work 😂


Hello dawn,

I dont know how i feel about 'normal' people telling jokes about memory problems - but when my husband tells me one its fine.

This morning he told me this one, and i think its funny:

'You know you have memory problems when you look at the dogs lead and cant recall if you lost the dog or found a lead'...

Hope it gave you a smile.

Weather here today is sunny again, warmer than yesterday. I have 60 baby sunflowers in pots in my plastic green house. It will look like a field of sunflowers when they are planted out - they are the extra tall ones (8ft i think - i am only 5.5 (and a half).

Have a good day Dawn, and everyone.



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