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Arrrhhhh cars

Well dun is out and wifes away for the day so thought I would give her car a run ( shes got an old convertible) it seemed a shame not to. Well would you know it regused to start .....great!!!!. So thought I'd be preductive and try to look at it ( was a mechanic in former life). . Two hours later gave up. Then still feeling ok set about a car we are trying to get running for my daughter. Half hour later found failt and fixed it . ......then flat battery.. Bright idea borrow battery from wifes car. Sat ready to stsrt car but suddenly couldnt bring myself to turn key. Think I couldnt handle it not working . Afterhalf an jour of feeling like this I litrally swore at the car and in a hissy git turned the key. .....the car roared into life YEAH!!!. At least I had fixed one car . Then realised yep I had fixed the one that wssnt on the road...arrrhhhhh hate cars. I think my wifes car only works for me in the rain. But on the posative side we can now get my daughters car tested. . Also I have fixed the car ....just happens to be the wrong one. Also I ache and have a splitting headache but at least I have achieved something to suffer like this Just decided to take this as a posiitive day and I have just checked diary for tommorrow and its empty so think its a rest day now.

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A positive result in the end, awesome!


Carpe idem mate, sounds like you really seized the day, never a bad thing!


Argh diem, bloody spellcheck, wouldn't be so bad but I acutally have an o level in Latin! Oh well tempus fuggit as Terry Pratchet was fond of saying lol, God bless him.


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