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Lupos and Forgetting Drysuit

Lupos and Forgetting Drysuit

One of the most soul destroying issues with my brain injury is the frequency of losing things.  I try to just ignore it and let it pass but of course sometimes you really need your keys.  So I bought some Lupo devices which are key fobs that talk Bluetooth to your phone.  If you lose stuff which is near you can tell it to make a beep sound so you can find it, and if it's out of range you can at least look on a map for the last known location.  It's not perfect, to make the battery life last it is not very responsive and it's quiet when it does beep but I've used it twice to find stuff just in the last weekend and it worked.

Except now I've lost my drysuit.  This thing is bulky and bright red.  I've no memory of what happened to it but there's very limited options in my movements, but it has vanished.  Soul destroyed.  If only I could find my glasses I might be able to search better for it.

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Poor you :( but where did you last go waterskiing ? Is it in the boat? :)


Your post made me smile but in a nice way because I am with you on this one but if you don't try to keep some amusement alongside it becomes a more intolerable issue! It is very frustrating though to have this problem especially when previously it was a rare occurrence.  Great one for the 'crass' comments though, as far to often, I have been told 'Yes but I do that, I lose things and I don't have a bi or memory problems'. I want to scream ....... but it is a sudden change in my ability and I bet for you it doesn't happen everyday and many times a day ........ so please don't minimize my bi problem because it doesn't help or make me feel better about it!! But I get so fed up trying to explain myself all the time ...... and why should I ...... so frequently I try not to react ..... and move away ........ but the truth is that often doesn't happen because the comment presses another bi problem ....... which is the impulsive, irritated and sometimes full blown angry blurt!!

You've outdone me with losing something the size of a drysuite!  Although actually I just remembered 'no' .... I am very adept at losing my car in a carpark and the car is definitely bigger!!!  Love the photo and providing you don't lose it you have it to help remind you what you are looking for .....

Best wishes


So true :) Some of my 'lost things' stories since bi are too embarrassing to mention here, but I had a really lucky retrieval of one 'sentimental value item'. Lost it in January while on a very long walk, broke my heart about it as it was something that had been hand made for me as a gift, even though it wasn't an expensive thing to replace. A week later (after a lot of rain), went on the same walk again and there I found it hanging in the sunshine on a railing under a tree without so much as a mark on it. How kind of the person who found it to place it in such a careful place, and so pleased that no one took it home. There are still a lot of nice people in the world. Has anyone else started buying two of anything important they like (so it's not the end of the world if it gets lost)? I confess :) 


Hi Elenor

So lovely to hear that you were eventually reunited with your precious sentimental item you lost. And yes it is good to find that 'nice person' who so carefully put it in a safe place for you to find again.  

I hadn't even given a thought to considering buying two of anything important.  The only multiple purchases I do are when I go food and household shopping and I forget what I have previously bought think that I still need to be buying the item ..... which happens on repeated trips to the supermarket ..... and end up after numerous shopping trips ..... with 11 bottles Fairy washing up liquid, 8 packets of pasta, enough toilet rolls for a year etc!!!!  I also regularly end up with duplicate copies of books for my son as I forget I have already got that one!!!



Ohhhh I am so much like that, the shopping for the same thing again and again! I have so much washing liquid and comfort I don't need any more for another year. I do the same with tshirts and socks and if I buy another pair of black trousers I won't fit them in my wardrobe, ha ha. If it is a small price to pay for still being here to whinge about it, hey ho 😀


The list of things I lose/forget/mislay is too long to recount, and I empathise with the impatience of 'Oh I'm just the same' remarks.

So I'll try to compete J !  I lost my new coat last year (not too surprising as I'm always too hot & removing outer garments) but it cost more than a coat should so I was verging on bereft.

Then a complete stranger phoned me to say my coat was in the care of an Altrincham café.  I'd been to Argos to collect a 'Click & Collect' item and the letter with  my address was in the pocket.

I'd left the coat on the back of a chair in the seating area outside the café !   :o

I hope you find your suit, if you haven't already, you look pretty hunky in it................like one of those people in a rescue service !   :D   x 


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If it makes anyone feel any better (I'm getting used to laughing at myself), I mislaid my partner this morning and walked home instead of meeting him for a lift as arranged. Luckily he's very patient - and Iknow  there isn't two of him so I'm going to be more careful next time.....probably just as well I'm not allowed to drive at the moment. 


Hi JR Lupo sounds good. I try to put things in same place but the problems start as soon as I move them.

Last week lost keys in the house. 2hrs searching. Found in coat pocket.

Thought I'd looked!

I've found my glasses in bathroom cabinet before. You could try there!

Never a dull moment is there.

Going to make a note of Lupo now before I forget!

Hooe your suit turns up soon. K


I'm sorry I'm guessing this was meant to be a serious post but my gosh that really had me smiling and giggling and it's before coffee. Mind I have this loss problem too which is why I find it so funny. Hope you don't mind me giggling x




That is quite impressive! I loose bags and what not in places luckily my wee Young work colleges do their best to reunite me with them!

I assume your into scuba? Or is it cannou? 


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