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Oh they brought it on


Posted a pic earlier....think I was tempting fate.

Just visited my mum and was about to leave when someone literally brought it on .....to my car.

Bright yellow car I thought no one could miss...well the young driver didnt miss it......infact he failed completely to miss it and drove into the back wing.

Initially not much damage until I looked at his car with its flattened front wing.

Just to add insult to injury my insurance is doing an upgrade so is closed until monday.

Remind me NEVER EVER to say bring it on again.


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oh dear! hope you are coverd,and hey at least no one was hurt

paxo05 in reply to razyheath43

Got his details just got to wait till insurance company finishes updating .

So true glad no one was hurt. It is only metal and plastic after all.

Although he will not be looking forward to his next insurance.

Just amazed at how he hit it and he didnt noyice a biggish bright yellow car thsy was parked.

Its just how long it can take to sort out and how long the car may be the garage..


Glad you are still here and well.

All I can say is I hope he is insured.

If that's what happens when you tempt fate I must remember not to.

Extra love n hugs for the shock


Thanks Random.

Yep we are all fine. Just got to wait till monday to see if his insurance checks out.

Thought there was a way of finding out on the web but cant seem to find anything.

Pax x

Looks like 'Old Nick' took you up on the challenge Pax. Glad everyone's ok and hope repairs don't take too long . :o xx

paxo05 in reply to cat3

Hi Cat.

Yep me and my big mouth hey.

I would like to say I would learn from this but I seriously doubt it.

Have a good weekend .

Pax x

cat3 in reply to paxo05

You too Pax ! xx

O dear Pax not good. No one was hurt though and stuff can be repaired. X Nick

paxo05 in reply to MXman

Hi Mxman.

yep just metal and plastic and can be repaired. Glad no one was injured. The other driver was a little shocked he had hit my car.

Just got insurance to sort monday then wait for repairs.


A few years ago we were visiting my wife's aunt on quiet terrace on a side street. After about an hour there was a knock on the door and when the aunt answered there was a policeman asking if there was anyone in the house whom owned a blue car.

I said I did and it is parked outside, fearing I had committed some offense I followed outside to face the music. However, when I went outside my car wasn't there, I stood there looking at an empty space, the copper put his hands on my shoulder and turned me to the left - my car was now on the pavement wedged between a house and another car.

Whilst that was a shock the copper told me that they already have the culprit in custody for the hit and run, leaving the scene and drink driving. However, he is being difficult at the moment - the guy was deaf and dumb and apparently was so slewed he couldn't do his sign language!

paxo05 in reply to sospan

That sounds bad. Put the dents in mine into perspective.

A friend has been down and checked on internet that the car is insured....dont ask how because I dnot know....and all is ok.

Just waiting till monday to report it to insurance.


sospan in reply to paxo05

No problem, always thought it amusing that the guy was so drunk his sign language was slurred :-)

There is the Askmid web site where you can type in a registration number and it will tell you if a car is insured.

There is also a UK government site where you can check tax and MOT

useful if you think a car is abandoned

paxo05 in reply to sospan

A friend called in todat andI was telling him about what had happened.

He quickly made a blur of the key oad on lap top.....car is insured taxed and m.o.t. .....aint technology good.

Ok U aint got a clue what he went on but feel more reassured.


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